Why we need to stop defending Tony Romo… He’ll just be another Eli.



If you’re reading this because you saw the headline, then there’s a good chance I’ve pissed you off. If you’re an ESPN Dallas writer, you’ve probably already taken it out of context and posted an article based on the title alone (that shot was meant for JJT). Before you berate me, hear me out and understand first and foremost that I love Romo. I am a fan of everything about him… his game, his attitude, his sense of humor, and his love of golf. I for one will probably never stop defending the man, whether it be at work with my boss, at a bar with a bunch of Panther fans (aka "Redskin’s ship-jumpers"), or with my neighbor, who always thinks he not only needs to bash him, but likes to state that he thinks he’s one of the poorer QB’s in the league. I’ve had beers with the guy strictly because I’m looking for the right opportunity to put rat poison in his Coors light.

We as fans have come to love our QB. I personally don’t think I would want another QB in the NFL right now to lead our Boys. It’s not based on winning records or stats or anything other than as a fan, I’ve grown to love him as our leader. If Jerry traded him away and I had to immediately pull for another QB, I’d feel like an adulterer with extreme remorse, nauseous when NFL highlights came on watching him play for somebody else. Even if we swapped with Green Bay or New England, it would feel dirty and sinful. He’s a fun loving, likable, talented guy, who we all know can lead this team to the promised land, BUT, the problem is that as the QB for the Dallas Cowboys, our beckoning falls upon deaf ears to fans of 31 other teams.

Hear me out here. I don’t want you to stop pulling for our guy… All I’m saying is that I’ve come to the realization that even if (when) he succeeds in bringing us a Lombardi, it still won’t be enough. The hate for our organization is deep rooted, yet the "media money tree" known as the Cowboys grows taller and taller with every "blow to the ribs" (DWI, momma smack, Mexican vacation, bobbled hold, etc.). Yes, you may every once in a while find someone who truly understands football like we do and knows that he’s got what it takes, but let’s face it, they’re few and far between. It feels good to read Elliot Harrison write on about how underrated he is, but how long will it be before Elliot (and every other mainstream writer who writes a pro-Tony piece) forgets what they said and goes back to the same old same old "I just don’t think he’s got what it takes" opinion??

The title of this post wasn’t to piss you off, but unfortunately I’m stating fact. Luckily, the fact is not in regards to talent. The comparison I’m making here is to our view of Eli vs. the worldly view of Romo. I don’t want to speak for all of you, but I’m sure most of you cringe at hearing Eli labeled as an Elite QB. Whether it’s because you just hate him for being a Giant, or like me, you just hate seeing his face. Personally, I get irked by how dumb he looks throwing his hands up only shoulder pad height when he scores a touchdown, demonstrated above. (I mean, is that as high as he can lift them? Are you signaling TD or just excited?? open your fists! WTF?). Either way, as Cowboy fans, even though he has 2 Super Bowl rings and a few clutch playoff performances, we still say (know) he’s OVERRATED. Well, guess what folks… When Tony manages to close out the division, find a way to lead our team to 3 back to back playoff victories, and throws for 329 with 3TD’s and no picks in his first Super Bowl Victory, it still won’t end. I would give it maybe to 10am or 11am EST on Monday after the Super Bowl before the first article comes out saying that "He’s got the ring, but he doesn’t have what it take to do it consistently" . As fans, we pull for him and support him, but there’s truly nothing that will change a hater’s mind. I mean, "hater’s gonna hate", right? The harsh reality is this.

Tony, when he wins us a Lombardi, will be viewed exactly how we view Eli today.
They will disregard the stats showing his 4th quarter comebacks, 4th quarter QB rating etc. They will overlook whatever his stats are in the playoffs, and whatever he does in the actual Super Bowl, and they’ll disregard the fact that he’s a winner. Just as we say, "Eli is the luckiest no-look passer to ever win", or, "if it wasn’t for those defenses, he’d be Kevin Kolb", Romo will get the same treatment. "Well, Tony got him one, but hell, anybody can get hot and win one".

When we do get one (or multiple) in the upcoming years, the change to the 4-3 and bringing in Kiffin and Marinelli will be a major part of that, BUT, from the nay-sayers we’ll hear those oh very so similar sounding comments that we make today about Eli… "that defense carried Romo on its back". If our defense plays to its potential, they'll have a major role in our next Lombardi, but Romo could have a top notch passer rating through the playoffs and still not get credit. Is there anything that Romo could do different to change his image? Yes, there is, but I’m not about to predict multiple SB wins to try and justify my opinion that Romo is one of the best. On Eli’s 2 rings, the Giants have found a way to get into the playoffs and gotten on a hot streak. Yes, they had talent, but they're a prime example that wth a hot hand at the right time, anybody can with the Super Bowl. There’s nothing to make me believe that same opinion won’t hang over Tony’s head when he gets his. They could be 15-1 going into the playoffs and still be doubted, and honestly, I understand that. Hell, why not. What’s fun in picking the better team? Everyone likes picking the underdog, right.

The media will continue to write what they want to fuel the "click" machine and fill their pockets. That’s their job. Unfortunately for us, elevated success for the media writers comes at the hand of bashing our beloved QB. As difficult as it is for us to fight the urge to pull a T.O. and say "That’s my leader, that’s my quarterback", we should just accept that it’s not going to do us any good. Every level of success you accomplish only creates another rung on the ladder you’re climbing, and unfortunately for Romo, that ladder could end up being longer than Jack’s beanstalk.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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