An open letter to Tony Romo

After reading this FanPost by DawnMacelli, I decided to write an open letter to Tony Romo.

Dear Tony Romo,

You don't know me. How would you? I haven't even been in your home country. That's how lousy a fan I am. Or maybe not. I have followed you through good and bad times since 2007. The year I started following the league and the Dallas Cowboys.

That also means that I have never seen any other QB start for the Dallas Cowboys unless your were unavailable for some reason. Brad Johnson, Brooks Bollinger, Jon Kitna, Stephen McGee and Kyle Orton are the names I've seen throwing a football besides you with a star on the helmet. None of the mentioned comes close to you in terms of skill.

What will happen when you decides to hang up the cleats? Well, I'm going to cry. How will it be watching a game without you being on the field throwing the ball? I can't even imagine it. I haven't really thought about it before this very moment. What a sad feeling. At the same time it will put a lot of things into perspective for a lot of people, who claims you're the reason this franchise hasn't won anything in a long time. They will then find out how lucky they were having you as the QB of this team. It's just sad that they first will appreciate you when you're gone.

You have come so far. Who would have thought you would make it so far? In 2003 nobody expected you to one day become the starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Nobody. You have accomplished much more than any person could have dreamt of.

As I said in the beginning of this letter, I have never been to the US. As I said in my first FanPost on this community, I really want to watch a game live with my Cowboys. That should be with you as the QB. You're my favorite player on this team and you have been that since 2007. The first jersey I got with the Cowboys was with #9 and your name on the back. That jersey will be in my closet until I die unless I wear it of course. That jersey is going absolutely nowhere.

Don't you worry about the playoff wins. They will come as long as the organization continues to build around you in the coming years. You still have a lot of great years in your right arm. I'm thinking five to six years and during that time, no matter what happens, I will have your back. I will never stop defending you when some "fans" critizises you in public.

They say you aren't clutch. They say you never win "the big game". What the hell does that mean? To me all 16 games (and maybe more) are big games each and every season. If you don't win enough of the first 15 games of the season, you will never have a chance of getting into the playoffs or even get a deciding game 16 of the season.

Why are people freaking out about the last game of the season every single year? Isn't it just 60 minutes of football like all the others? I know there can be much more at stakes in the last game of the regular season. What I'm trying to say is just that that last game of the season could mean nothing if you haven't done your job good enough in the first 15 games. All games are important. All games are big and you have proved you can win a game. You can win the big game. To me, you are a winner.

I trust you.

Best regards,


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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