Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Tony Romo Myths Shot Down On An Epic Scale


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NFL Myth-busting: Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys Are America’s Chokers - ColdHardFootballFacts.com
Scott Kacsmar loads up his M1A1 Abrams tank with cold hard football facts and takes aim at football pundits brandishing leaky water pistols of opinion. Total annihilation ensues in an epic must-read.

Joe Flacco backs up Tony Romo in a promo film for Fox Sports 1 - Barry Horn, DMN
Fox wanted Tony Romo for an appearance in mid-June in a promo film for their new all-sports cable network, but Romo declined, chosing instead to focus on his rehab from back surgery. Super Bowl winner Joe Flacco was picked to step in for Romo and order was restored to the universe.

The NFL's top assistant coaches - National Football Post
Greg Gabriel looks at some of the best teachers that don't have head gigs, and the Cowboys' Rod Marinelli is one of them:

"Marinelli just may be the best defensive line coach. The former Marine officer drives his players and makes them pay attention to detail. He spends more time on teaching hand use and pass rush moves than any defensive line coach I have been around. After a long college coaching career, Marinelli came to the NFL in 1996 with Tampa Bay. In his 10 years with the Bucs, they averaged 32 sacks a year, including 55 sacks in 2000. Guys who play for Marinelli can be certain of one thing: if they don’t hustle and run to the ball then they don’t play."

Offseason regrets - Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East Blog
Graziano looks back at the offseason activities of each NFC East team and identifies the one move each team in the NFC East needed to make but didn't. For the Cowboys, it's an upgrade at right tackle.

"Instead of getting the disappointing Doug Free to take a pay cut and stay, the Cowboys could have explored other options, such as using another early-round pick on a tackle or signing one of the veterans (Tyson Clabo, Eric Winston) who got cut during free agency."

Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne to host free football camp in South Dallas - Clarence Hill, Star-Telegram
Claiborne already hosts a football camp in his hometown of Shreveport, La, and is now expanding his charitable work to South Dallas. Clarence Hill writes that both current Cowboys teammates and former LSU teammates are expected at the clinic for boys aged 8-17.

Cowboys training camp an opportunity for SVSU alum Jeff Heath to impress coaches - MLive.com
Raise your hand if you have safety Jeff Heath as your pet cat. Anybody? Anybody?

Does Nike even know where Charlotte is? CharlotteObserver.com
This has nothing to do with the Cowboys, but everything to do with Schadenfreude - and that's always a worthy reason for inclusion in our News & Notes posts: Apparently Nike produced (and has since removed from sale) a T-shirt that shows the "NC" letters and Panthers logo on the silhouette of South Carolina, when everybody knows that Charlotte, the home of the Panthers, is in North Carolina. Sure, the Panthers logo symbolizes both states, but still...


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