Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast Sneak Preview: Coming Live This Wednesday Night!

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Cowboys Crunchtime With KD Podcast Prepares To Go Live Next Week With A Test Show Reviewing The Cowboys 2013 Offseason

Almost there!

We writers here at BTB have been champing at the bit for the brand new football season to commence. Not that we haven't enjoyed one of the best offseasons in blogger history (ok, my frame of reference might be a little self-serving), but it's time.

With the new year, as with new anything, comes the opportunity to change things up; to start anew. I'll be doing that as well with some of the ways that I "talk" Cowboys football with everyone.

Starting this summer, Cowboys Crunchtime With KD will be moving over to the BlogTalkRadio platform. My first, official BTR show will be this coming Wednesday, 9pm Eastern, 8 Central, 6 Pacific and my guest will be none other than Rabblerousr as we preview his trip to Oxnard, California.

Live Broadcast: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 9pm Eastern

What does that mean for the listeners?

First and foremost, you will still be able to listen to archived podcasts via iTunes. As soon as a show is recorded and formatted, I will be uploading them for my almost 5,000 subscribers. I appreciate you all! You can subscribe or listen to previous episodes by clicking this link!

Now, for the new frills.

Using BTR will allow us to have an interactive chat room while the show is going on. You will be able to ask questions during the live recording, comment on stuff that's said and become part of the show! BTR also has the added functionality of allowing live-call-ins... hopefully I'll be able to integrate that into future shows as well.

One feature that we will test out on Wednesday night, will be the ability to embed a live player in an article here on BTB. We'll see how well that works, but even if it doesn't go off without a hitch, you'll get the link to jump over to the show page on BTR and listen live there. The chat feature will be there anyways, but we all love flexibility.

On the downside, the broadcasts might not be as polished as they have been in the past; at least initially. As someone who's done live radio before, running a solo ship while engineering is a difficult proposition live. Sometimes trying to do multiple jobs will result in a derailing of a train of thought, so please bear with me as I build the show to a more professional level.


As I mentioned earlier, it's been a pretty good offseason for BTB. I took to the airwaves late Thursday night to do a practice run on the new podcast format. My subject matter? The Cowboys offseason and how we at BTB approached the changes Dallas would be making. If you have a minute, give it a listen. Just 16 hours after recording this, the Cowboys front office made me an official 10 For 10. You'll understand once you listen. Cheers.

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