Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: "Dazzling Dez", Ware Sees Deep Playoff Run, More

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Latest Dallas Cowboys Headlines: Cowboys set a franchise record with five fourth-quarter comebacks last year, Dez Bryant is set to dazzle, DeMarcus Ware predicts a deep playoff run.

NFL’s Clutch Regression: Cowboys Pressured by Math in 2013 - Scott Kacsmar, CHFF.com
Kacsmar notes that the Cowboys, unbeknownst to many, set a franchise record with five fourth-quarter comebacks in a season.

"They won six games with a game-winning score in the fourth quarter or overtime, which includes Dwayne Harris’ 78-yard punt return for a touchdown against the Eagles to break a 17-17 tie. This was a resilient Cowboys team, but people will only remember the comeback they failed to make in Washington in Week 17 with the season on the line."

But Kacsmar also warns that we're unlikely to see that again, as teams with a good record in close games tend to regress to the mean the next year. The solution? Better offensive line play and more defensive turnovers should mean a better record overall.

2013 Fantsay Outlook: Dazzling Dez, Risky Murray, Super Sleeper Williams - Ben Standig, FFToolbox.com
Ben Standig previews the 2013 Dallas Cowboys and how their players will do from a fantasy perspective. On "Dazzling Dez":

"In his third season, Dez finally produced the kind of starry campaign the fantasy world has been waiting for: 92 receptions, 1,382 yards, 12 touchdowns. Guess what? Everyone is expecting a similar season in 2013, if not a little better. Guess what? Outside of injury (or a return to his off-field shenanigans), that's a reasonable expectation. Bryant is a top-5 WR in all formats except those that downgrade for excitement."

DeMarcus Ware will be ready to go in camp - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
DeMarcus Ware says he will be ready to go when the Dallas Cowboys open training camp on Sunday, writes Todd Archer.

"Just getting out on the field, banging around a little bit, knocking off the rust and maybe sacking the quarterback one time," Ware said. "That'll make myself feel good all over again."

Interview: DeMarcus Ware & Wes Welker - Shutdown Corner
Shutdown Corner features an extensive interview with Ware and Welker touched on a number of different things, and Ware is generous with praise for his fellow Cowboys:

"When you talk about a guy like Sean Lee ... before he got hurt, I think he had something like three interceptions, and he was among the top two in tackles in the NFL. He's one of those MIKE linebackers that leads the defense. Jason Hatcher? He was #2 behind J.J. Watt [among interior linemen] in quarterback pressures last year. And Anthony Spencer -- he had a Pro Bowl year last year, so you can underrate a guy all you want to, but when you look at what they stand for, that's when you get down to how you judge a guy. [...]

When you talk about being consistent, I think Romo has been consistent year after year. But when you talk about how many playoff wins he's had, there haven't been that many. That's what's going to really take him to the next level. He's got a nice deal, he's solidified with the team, so now it's like, 'Okay, let's go get those playoff wins, and these Super Bowls.' That's how the Cowboys should be, and how they've always been. It's time for a turnaround."

DeMarcus Ware: We're going deep in the playoffs - DMN
Appearing on ESPN’s “SportsNation” on Monday, Ware predicted more than just a single playoff win for the Cowboys:

"You said a playoff win," Ware said. "I think deep into the playoffs. That’s how I feel about it. Just winning a game, no.”

Frisco in lead as new Cowboys headquarters - Mike Fisher, FoxsportsSouthwest.com
Mike Fisher writes that Frisco has been "aggressive'' in moving the Cowboys to Frisco and away from their dated practice facilites in Valley Ranch. Expect Arlington and Irving to up their offers as the Cowboys sit back and smile at the bidding war that is soon to ensue.

Cowboys Taking Look At 3 QBs, 5 WRs In Tuesday Workout - Nick Eatman, DallasCowboys.com
We had speculated on BTB almost a month ago that the Cowboys could bring in a new QB, and namedropped Kyle Padron in the process. Nick Eatman writes that the three QBs brought in on Tuesday include Kyle Padron but also Alex Tanney, who gained national exposure last year for the trickshot video embedded below.


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