Question Of The Day: Which Cowboys Player Would You Choose To Start A Franchise With?

Michael Heiman

Bill Parcells chose Lawrence Taylor as the player he would like to start a franchise with. Which Cowboys player would you choose?

Ed Valentine, our main man over at the Giants' SB Nation blog Big Blue View, posted a story today in which he recounts how Parcells was asked to pick the player he had seen, coached or coached against that he would start a franchise with. Parcells chose Lawrence Taylor:

"There are priority positions in this game and quarterback is one of those, so I'd consider that," Parcells said on a national conference call leading up to his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction next month. "But if you're pinning me down - I'm a little prejudiced - I think I'd take Lawrence Taylor. I know he's going to be there every Sunday and try his best to win the game."

That's not a bad choice, and given that Parcells won both of his Super Bowls with the Giants and with Lawrence Taylor, it is also an honorable choice, as Parcells could have chosen almost any player on any team with the way the question was phrased.

Which brings us to our Question of the Day: Which current or former Cowboys player would you choose to start a franchise with?

Believe it or not, this is a question some of us frontpage writers have already tackled in the past. In the lockout offseason of 2011, KD Drummond, rabblerousr, Kegbearer and I embarked on an ambitious project to construct four separate teams consisting entirely of the best Cowboys of all time. From a list of over 130 Cowboys players, each writer selected a team of all-time Cowboys greats through a fantasy-style draft.

The idea was that once selected, the four teams - composed entirely of former and current Cowboys players - would face off in a round robin tournament in which the BTB community would get to vote on the winner. Fortunately for football fans, but unfortunately for project, the lockout ended abruptly, and we stopped the exercise after an introductory post by KD and a detailed profile of my Cowboys All-Time All-Cowboys Team.

But since we did conduct the draft, here are the first picks each of us made in constructing our All-Time All-Cowboys Team:

1. OCC: QB Roger Staubach
2. rabblerousr: DE/DT Bob Lilly
3. KD Drummond: RB Emmitt Smith
4. Kegbearer: LB/DE/DT Randy White

And for good measure, here are our second-round picks:

5. Kegbearer: RB Tony Dorsett
6. KD Drummond: CB Mel Renfro
7. rabblerousr: WR Michael Irvin
8. OCC: CB Deion Sanders

Would you pick one of these players to start your franchise with, or would it be another Cowboys great not on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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