Is Ben Bass ready to explode on to the scene in Dallas?



Cowboys fans are hoping to see more of this as "Bad"Ben Bass establishes himself as the new "outlaw" in town.

The football gods must have something special in store for Metroplex native Ben Bass, because no matter how close he gets to seeing the end of his career; he manages to somehow rewrite the script. In a manner befitting a direct descendant of wild west outlaw Sam Bass, he always manages to escape and steal another chance. The Dallas Cowboys are betting that the modern day Mr. Bass has a similar genetic composition to his great grandfather and that he becomes a bad hombre on the defensive line.

Dodging Bullets

As I mentioned earlier, Ben has experienced a couple close shaves during his career. A graduate of Plano West High School, he accepted a chance to ride with the maroon and white at Texas A&M. Unfortunately, Bass did not take advantage and soon found himself being dismissed from the school for academic reasons. Not to be discouraged, Ben enrolled in community college and restored his academic credibility. Soon he was back in College Station to hold the Aggie coaches to their promise that the door would be open for him to return. The coaches had not anticipated ever seeing Bass again, and they had moved on. None the less, he was given a situational role in the teams defense, but not a position where he could shine. Needless to say, on Draft Day, the telephone at the Bass household was silent.

Blowing Things Open

During a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys, Bass managed to wrangle himself a slot as a camp body. Displaying the ruthless tenacity and determination that makes for a successful train robber or defensive lineman, Ben parlayed the sliver of opportunity he was given into a slot on the practice squad. Here at Blogging the Boys and elsewhere around the Cowboyverse fans were asking themselves who is this guy. Strangely, so were Aggie fans; Ben had started only one game for A&M. Most of them had little idea who he was either. By mid November, Bass had made his bones, and was given a shot on the active roster. Like so many others last year, he was soon felled by the injury bullet.

Back With A Vengeance

For Ben Bass, 2013 is a time to make his mark. All early indications are that he has returned with a fury. He has been blowing up the run, attacking the passer, and creating chaos for the offense to deal with. Bass seems determined to take by force what he feels is rightfully his. From my point of view Ol' Sam Bass would be mighty proud of the Cowboy who shares his bloodline.

What's your take BtB? Is this the year that Bad Ben Bass makes a jailbreak?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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