Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: More Dez Bryant Headlines, Callahan's Impact, More

Ronald Martinez

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: Dez Bryant continues to be a dominant force, both on and off the field; Bill Callahan's potential impact on the offense comes unders scrutiny; the flat salary cap is beginning to limit what teams can do.

Dez Bryant had worst background ex-scout had seen - NFL.com
DC.com's Bryan Broaddus with an unforced error: Seemingly out of thin air, Broaddus reopens the discussion into Dez Bryant's background in a manner that is seeing Bryant being mentioned in the same sentences as Aaron Hernandez nationally. Predictably, Dez Bryant is not pleased.

Drew Pearson: Dez Bryant ‘realizes now that when he comes out of that huddle, he’s the dominant force’ - DMN
Jon Machota writes that Drew Pearson seems to be buying into the Dez Bryant story and likes what he sees from the receiver:

"The fear now is on the defensive side when they see Dez come out of that huddle."

"I think now he realizes that. He realizes the talent he has, and put that with the fact that now he knows his plays and where to be, then you add the factor that at the end of last season Jason Garrett and Tony Romo both showed a different level of confidence in him because of his progress and his improvement. So that, to me, was the difference. I expect that to be carried over into this season."

Point/Counterpoint: Callahan's impact on the offense - DallasCowboys.com
Broaddus argues that the new role for Callahan will spark changes to the offense. Rowan Kavner counters that we shouldn't expect dramatic changes with Callahan.

3 steps to success: The Cowboys need stability - SBNation.com
The Dallas Cowboys need to have stability on offense to have a successful season, James Brady writes.

"A successful season for the Cowboys would be Romo having a great year leading the team to an NFC East crown. Of course, winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, but if the Cowboys manage to win a competitive NFC East and make it back into the playoffs after struggling for the past few seasons, the fans will probably be happy."

Bill Simmons vs. Doc Rivers: What Do We Want from a TV Sports Pundit? - The Big Lead
Interesting article in which Mike Cardillo asks what people want -- and expect -- in a television sports pundit, and whether or not somebody who’s never a) played b) coached or c) worked for an professional sports team is qualified to give their opinions via a national television platform. Thankfully, Cardillo also provides a pretty good answer:

"If we look at how the Internet has changed how we sports opinion as it’s been taken over, in part, by non-traditional journalistic voices on blogs and sites such as this one, television eventually has to accept and embrace these voices as well to catch up with the constantly changing times. It would point in that direction, wouldn’t it?"

Tight cap limiting $6 million-a-year players - John Clayton, ESPN
A tight salary cap is limiting the number of $6 million-a-year contracts teams can dole out, writes John Clayton.

"Based on the trends over the past couple of seasons, it's hard for franchises to have more than eight $6 million-a-year contracts on their books when the salary cap is in the low $120 million range."

According to Clayton, the Seahawks lead the league with ten $6 million players, followed by the Cowboys, Eagles, Bears and Buccaneers with eight each. The 49ers were at eight players before restructuring Justin Smith's contract, while the Raiders went from eight to three.


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