A Change In Perspective on Jason Garrett

I wish I could have posted this sooner. I have been busy the past few days. I went on a trip to Boston and I've been tweaking my first post for my new writing opportunity. Also notice the name change. Previously I was Joe21.

A lot of you have seen Jason Garrett's opening address video on Peter King's new site, MMQB. I have to say, this video has changed my view of Jason Garrett.

I knew he preached accountability, being the right kind of guy, having pride, and all other things that make up Coach Garrett's style. However, I did not know how passionate he was. I knew he had a passion for the game. To be apart of the National Football League you must love the game of football. Especially if you're coaching up some of the best football talent in the world. Yet, I didn't see that fire in Garrett to make me say that he can motivate these guys.

Tom Ryle's piece was outstanding, and true. Jason Garrett has been consistent in his message since taking over the team midway through 2010. Nothing has changed in Garrett's message to his football team. It's all about doing things the right way -- the Cowboy way. Any other way will not be tolerated and he made it very clear to understand in his opening address. Though many of us did not hear the tone of Garrett's message in his repetitive comments.

Like Tom says in his post,

There is no magic here. Frankly, most of what he says is undoubtedly similar to what every head coach in the league says. But he really says it with some conviction, and with his background, you know this is more than just talking the talk. What this does is reveal the Jason Garrett that many never believed was there, a coach in charge of this team, with the respect of his players, and with confidence oozing from every pore. The Jason Garrett a few of us have known about from day one. We believed in him because we took the time to hear what he was saying.

Now everyone can hear him. For those that listen, there is something to learn.

I certainly hear Garrett loud and clear now.

His message was sent with conviction, something that is rarely seen or heard in a post-game press conference. Garrett preaches to be boring with the media. So he's boring with the media. He practices what he coaches his players to do. Being called dull is not an insult. Look at the difference between Bill Bilichick and Rex Ryan. Now look at their ring fingers.

It's amazing how much a simple tone can change your opinions of someone. Now I can fully instill my trust in Coach Garrett. I admit, I have been on and off the Jason Garrett bandwagon. I didn't know if he has what it takes to be a dominant NFL head coach. My definition of dominant is to have your team contending year in and year out. When he put together back to back 8-8 seasons my doubts grew larger. I could not picture Garrett hoisting the Lombardi. But now my perspective has changed.

Within the first two minutes of the address, Garrett lays out a message for his team. He basically says congratulations, you have a great opportunity in front of you. Now go take it and run with it. Be the best you can be and find a way to get the job done. What makes me respect Garrett so much more is that his message is not only about football. It's about life. "Life's about opportunities. Life's about taking advantage of opportunities."
Great NFL coaches are great mentors and motivators. The greats like Lombardi and Landry could coach their players on and off the field. Garrett has shown that he's more than an on the field coach. I'm not sure I'd entrust another head coach with Dez Bryant. The Cowboys took a risk on a player who has off the field troubles. They have been rewarded because Bryant has seemed to have matured. The tweet that Tom uses in his post from MacMahon shows that Bryant has bought into Garrett's approach.

Having your best players buy into your philosophies is one way to groom leaders. Garrett is very passionate in his address about wanting leaders. He wants guys to lead, not only one guy, but multiple guys leading his football team. "Step up and be a (vulgarity) leader. Lead this football team. LEAD. It's time! It's time to lead the football team. It's TIME." He explains that the great teams he's been on the quarterback, the mike linebacker, the pass rusher held everyone accountable. Dallas is lucky to have leaders in Tony Romo, Sean Lee, DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten, and soon Dez Bryant. The guys previous to Bryant bought into Garrett's philosophies and paved the road for guys like Dez Bryant and Morris Claiborne to be the team's next group of leaders holding the rest of the team accountable.

Garrett's plan is a simple one. It's to win in the most respectable way possible. It's repetitive in that you must do things the right way. Win boring, and don't give the media anything to talk about. Garrett has shown the willingness to do things the right way. His philosophy does not involve a quick fix. It involves taking everything one drill at a time, one practice at a time, one play at a time, and one game at a time. Until all the small things finally add up into the big picture that is an NFL football season. And when things finally come together, Garrett and most importantly, the Dallas Cowboys will be successful. Oh, and not only for a season, but years to come. The Cowboys are not pulling any fast ones on the fans or themselves. There will be no quick fixes. Everything is set up for the future -- The long run.

I found it odd how Jerry Jones had so much patience with Jason Garrett over the past two and a half years. Usually an owner of Jerry's caliber is ridding himself of coaches with mediocre seasons. Yet, this video has shed more light on why Jerry has put his faith in the hands of Coach Garrett. A man with a philosophy like Garrett's is hard to turn down. It's predicated on hard work, motivation, and being the best that you can be to overall benefit the entire unit.

Maybe Tom was right, maybe I wasn't listening well enough, but now I am Coach.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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