Cowboys Continuum: Which Former Star Would Help The 2013 Cowboys The Most?

Wesley Hitt

Which player from the Dallas Cowboys past would make the biggest difference in this year's team?

You all know how I like a good TV show.

One of the recent additions to my rotation is a show entitled "Continuum". It's the story of a 2077 police officer that is sent back in time with a group of "terrorists". She has a futuristic techie suit filled with biometric gadgets, a super duper gun and a chip in her brain that lets her record video and all sorts of cool stuff. The bad guys have a particular set of skills that make them a nightmare for you. Sorry, wrong flick.

Anyways, the major point of the show is the main characters wish to somehow return to her time, also known as travel to the future. This got me to thinking... if we could go bring one Cowboys player to 2013 up from the past, who would it be?

If you only had a chance to bring one player, which one do you think would have the biggest impact on this year's Cowboys?

You are free to choose any player, from any era, to jump into the 2013 starting lineup.

Would you select Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman to captain the ship? Both are championship pedigree signal callers who proved time and time again they had what it took to command the troops. Would either of them survive behind this offensive line? Would upgrading from Tony Romo be the best way to spend this "Genie Wish"?

Speaking of offensive line, what about bringing Flozell Adams back to man Romo's blindside? Shift Tyron Smith back to the right side. What about Rayfield Wright or Ralph Neely? Both players excelled on the right side (Neely played both) and would bookend Tyron extremely well.

Why stay outside? Would soon-to-be Hall of Famer Larry Allen be something you'd be interested in adding to the Entourage?

Of course, you could always choose Emmitt Smith. You would then get to settle the debate once and for all whether or not he was a product of one of the greatest O-lines ever. If any one man could produce in this situation, it would be the league's all-time rushing yardage leader; and there would be no question about him making it through a full season.

Any interest in the receiver position? Would Michael Irvin be a huge upgrade or compliment to Dez Bryant, a player with a similar role? Maybe you'd choose the speed of Bob Hayes to take the top off of the defense.

Switching sides of the trench, what about on the defensive line? The Cowboys have two of the all-time greats in Bob Lilly and Randy White; but could they take on 310 lb offensive linemen of today's game? Neither weighed over 260 lbs over their careers. Some folks think that's too light to play defensive end, much less tackle.

Speaking of defensive ends, what about the Cowboys all-time unofficlal sack leader Harvey Martin? Or the man that changed the championship defenses of the 90's, Charles Haley?

Have you gotten the idea I just want to rattle off some great Cowboys of yesteryear yet? Do you mind much? Didn't think so.

You think the original 54, Chuck Howley would mix in well with Bruce Carter and Sean Lee? What about Lee Roy Jordan? Anybody enough of an upgrade to change the fortunes of the 2013 Cowboys from hopeful to hand them the trophy?

Back end time. Deion Sanders locking down half a field? Darren Woodson patrolling the deep middle of the secondary? What about Mel Renfro rejoining the fray?

So who you got? Which former Cowboys player would you like to leap through the time/space continuum and raise the level of the 2013 rendition? Answer the poll and explain your logic and reasoning in the comment section. Remember, this isn't about who the best player was, it's about who would make the biggest upgrade from the current situation.

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