What Rule Changes Would You Like To See?

Greetings all

I'm clearly a football addict. I'm watching Calgary v. Saskatchewan on ESPN3. It's OK, I've only lost two wives to football so far.

Er.... Anyway.

When I watch the CFL I'm struck with some of the differences and it makes me think of rule changes that I would like to see in the NFL.

First, I'd like to allow the player in motion to move towards the OLine. The reason behind the rule in the first place was because the lines would start yards back from the line of scrimmage and charge into each other at the snap causing injuries and deaths. This was perhaps the single most important change resulting from Teddy Roosevelt telling college football to clean up their game.

However, any player in motion today is eligible to catch a pass. Yes, they can and will block, but it's not quite the same. Certainly, it doesn't seem to have increased injuries in the Arena League or the CFL, so it ought to be fine in the NFL. However, it's a way for offenses to attack that I personally think is pretty cool.

The most interesting rule that I'd like to see added, however, is to have every touchback earn a point for the kicking team but in return place the ball at the 25. I don't know about you guys, but I hate touchbacks, and I like watching return plays. It also adds a level of strategy to punting especially that would be brilliant. Is the point worth more than field position? Often yes, but not always.

Now, the downside of course is more injuries to special teams players. My solution would be twofold. One, from a game to game perspective, I would expand the main roster to 56 from 53. Two, from a career perspective, I would provide health care to all NFL players for life and a pension based on years of service. Frankly, I already think it is ridiculous that the NFL doesn't provide long-term health care to their players.

Why would the owners go for this? Well, in the next CBA they could offer these two things, especially the health care and pension, for the player's union not pressing the issue of guaranteed contracts, which they will next time I am sure.

The third thing I'd do is just get rid of celebration penalties. It's such a subjective call and is so inconsistently applied, as Cowboy fans know from a couple of years ago. Yeah, sometimes the celebrations go overboard, but I think the players can police themselves on this issue. There may be some hard hits in return for showing some other team up, but I'm OK with that.

The fourth thing I'd like to see changed is to figure out some way with the salary cap and bonus cap hits to encourage trades. I'd also move the trading deadline to after week 12. MLB is about to hit one of the most interesting times of the year for me, it's July 31 trading deadline. It's stupid to me that the current NFL system essentially prevents trades from happening except with draft choices at the Draft. I think trades are a blast, of course, we Cowboys fans may be more likely to enjoy trading than, say, Vikings fans.

So those are a few things I'd like to see changed.

What rules would you all like to see changed?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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