Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Ware, Bryant And Hatcher Get High Marks

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: Dez Bryant impresses with spectacular catches, Coach Marinelli likes what he sees from DeMarcus Ware, and both Marinelli and Garrett are highly complimentary of Jason Hatcher.

Play of the day: Dez Bryant's one-handed TD catch - T. MacMahon, ESPN Dallas
MacMahon gives Dez his due:

The remarkable is routine for Bryant, but a catch like this one should still be appreciated. Bryant used his right arm to ward off cornerback Xavier Brewer and plucked a deep ball from Romo out of the air with his left hand, catching it cleanly on the run and sprinting into the end zone.

Bryant’s hands are so good that he often makes catching the football look as easy as catching a tennis ball. That’s why his drop was so shocking and his one-handed touchdown catch not surprising at all.

Cowboys working on defending zone-read plays in practice - R. Sabin, DMN
In the morning walkthrough, the Cowboys ran a couple of zone reads, using Dwayne Harris as a QB to simulate some of the zone-read offenses the Cowboys may face this year.

"It’s kind of a copycat league in a lot of ways, so other teams will certainly see what those teams have done and probably make it part of what they do on offense," Garrett said. "So we have to be ready for it."

DeMarcus Ware Settling Nicely Into New Set Of Responsibilities - D. Helman, DallasCowboys.com
After playing through multiple injuries in 2012, Ware is looking forward to honing in on his technique, now that he doesn't have to worry about battling through injuries. And Coach Rod Marinelli says that the willingness to work on their technique is what separates good players from the great.

"That’s what the great players in this league do, to me," Marinellia [sic] said. "The most talented players, the best players are overachievers – they overachieve, and that’s why they become special. A lot of guys in this league have a lot of talent but don’t become special."

Monday After Preseason: Oakland 19, Dallas 17 - Bob Sturm
Sturm looks back at the Oakland game, and takes a close look at the special teams performance while giving a special teams primer at the same time.

Marinelli, Garrett impressed by Hatcher - C. Mendez, Star-Telegram
Looks like Hatcher is taking last year's stellar performance at DE and translating it to DT, and both Rod Marinelli and Jason Garrett like what they've seen from Hatcher so far at the new position.

"Very athletic guy. Very good feet, good movement, loose in the hips, all those things," defensive line coach Rod Marinelli said. "Good solid rush there, too. Hit that edge. Did what he was supposed to do."

"It’s great to see, because he’s played a few years in this league," coach Jason Garrett said of the eight-year veteran. "To see a guy who has his experience continue to get better because of the work that he puts in in the offseason, on the practice field, he just grows before your eyes."

Gavin Escobar has been quiet so far, but Cowboys insist second-round pick is "developing" - C. Williams, Star Telegram
Escobar's performance has received some criticism, but the Cowboys are happy with his progress.

Morris Claiborne frustrated he's not back yet, getting better - C. Williams, Star-Telegram
Claiborne hasn't practiced since last Tuesday and his knee remains "sore." While he may return to practice this week, it's unlikely he'll play against the Cardinals on Saturday.

Cowboys Make More Roster Moves; DE Signed, Snapper Cut - N. Eatman, DallasCowboys.com
Welcome Travis Chappelear (DE), good luck P.J. Mangieri (LS).

Cowboys To Officially Announce Headquarters Move To Frisco - N. Eatman, DallasCowboys.com
In just a couple of hours, at 11:00 am CT, Jerry Jones will hold a press conference in Frisco announcing that the Cowboys will be moving away from Valley Ranch, where they have been headquartered since 1985.

Rob Ryan: ‘If you don’t think I improved that Cowboys defense, you’re [expletive] crazy’ - J. Machota, DMN
We used to kind of chuckle when Rob Ryan let loose with one of his verbal tirades. Now we chuckle a lot less.

"I’ll be honest with you: these injuries – they’re outstanding players, but hell, that’s nothing compared to what I’ve been used to," Ryan said. "I’m used to a whole team being hurt, and then getting fired because of it, so whatever."


Cowboys Training Camp Report, Practice Number Fifteen: Remedial Running - Blogging The Boys
Topline summary of what happened today in camp.

Cowboys practice report: Day 15 - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
This is the daily recap from ESPNDallas in bullet form.

Day 15 observations from Dallas Cowboys training camp practice - B. George, DMN
George gives a play-by-play recount of yesterday's activities in camp.

Monday Practice Recap: Claiborne Still Day To Day With Knee Injury - DallasCowboys.com
The mothership staff weigh in with their take on the day's activities.


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