Cowboys @ Cardinals: 5 Questions With Revenge Of The Birds

Christian Petersen

Tomorrow the Dallas Cowboys will tangle with the Arizona Cardinals. We take a look at what has been going on with the Cardinals.

This week's 5 Questions takes us to the desert, where we speak with Revenge Of The Birds, SB Nation's Arizona Cardinals blog. I reached out to editor Jess for a rundown on the Cardinals.

Blogging The Boys: Tyrann Mathieu has been the big story out of Arizona. Give us a rundown on what's he been doing that has everybody so excited.

Revenge Of The Birds: Well, in practice, it seems that he "flashes" every single day. There seems to be some sort of disruption -- tipped ball, interception, would-be sack, a forced fumble. The game is not fast for him. Rarely do you see a rookie, especially a third rounder, come out and stand out so much. That is what he is doing, and in a lot of different ways -- special teams, cornerback, nickel corner, safety.

BTB: How has Carson Palmer settle in as QB? What's he bring to the Cardinals offense?

ROTB: To begin, he brings actual quarterback skills. He brings a knowledge of defenses. He brings accuracy. Mostly importantly, for the Bruce Arians offense, he brings the ability to push the ball down the field. He has looked good, not perfect, but he isn't skittish in the pocket, he knows where to go with the ball and can put the ball where it needs to be. It is a breath of fresh air.

BTB: A lot of Cowboys fans were interested in Jonathan Cooper before the draft, how's he looked along the line?

ROTB: He has shown some nerves, but his athleticism jumps out at you. People are talking about him as being already the best lineman of the unit. This is praise, but also an indictment on the rest of the line. He looks every bit the player everyone thought he would be. He is smart and has great technique. He is a special player that just needs a little seasoning.

BTB: How does the Cardinals overall defense look this year?

ROTB: Well, there was the one drive that Green bay had last week that didn't look good, but they shut out the Packers. In practice, they get their hands on the ball all the time. It really doesn't look that there has been a dropoff. It will be different in the types of formations and the blitzes, but I have not felt that there is any step back.

BTB: Give us a few players we might not know much about that we might want to look for in Saturday's game.

ROTB: Michael Floyd has had the best offseason on the entire team. He looks like he could be that special player they hoped he would become. Likewise, backup QB Drew Stanton has impressed as well. We feel the quarterback room suddenly has two very capable players. Among the roster fighters, keep an eye on receiver Jaron Brown. He went undrafted and has caught the attention of everyone. Defensively, cornerback Jerraud Powers has looked really good. Arians brought him over from Indy and he has been "phenomenal" in the words of Palmer. The starters will play about 20 plays.

Thanks Jess. Head over to Revenge Of The Birds for more on the Cardinals.

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