Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: "The Pass Rush Train Is Coming"

Ronald Martinez

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: An invigorated DeMarcus Ware looks to carry over his dominant camp performance into the season, Jason Witten has some choice words in the huddle, and more injury news for the interior O-Line.

DeMarcus Ware on his pass rush: "It’s not slowing down. The train is coming." - Tim MacMahon ESPN Dallas
Despite the Dez Bryant headlines, DeMarcus Ware is probably the most dominant player in camp this year. And Ware thinks his dominant performance will carry over into the season.

"Everybody says he’s 31; he can’t still do what he needs to do," said Ware, who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday. "But just turn the practice tape on and let that carry over into the game and proving a point to yourself day in and day out that you still can do it. The age might be going up, but the experience and the maturity, I’m still young."

"It’s not slowing down. The train is coming."

Tanney's Arm, Instincts Make Him Intriguing Camp QB - R. Kavner, DallasCowboys.com
The Tanney-love is nearing epidemic proportions. But heck, it's training camp: when, if not now? Rowan Kavner does a nice write-up about the QB who's been with the Cowboys now for all of 12 days.

"STFU!": Jason Witten gets everybody's attention in the huddle with four choice words - C. Mendez, Star-Telegram
Jason Witten had a simple four-word message for an unnamed teammate who was talking in the huddle. "Nothing personal," said the Senator with a shrug afterwards.

Thurs. Practice Recap: New Guard Injured - DallasCowboys.com
Didn't take long for the next guard to go down: Newly signed Jeff Olson left practice with possible signs of a concussion, according to the staff report by the DC.com writers.

In other practice news, Kyle Wilber is getting increasingly positive reviews as a pass rusher, and it's beginning to dawn on people that David Arkin isn't just playing better and holding up well in team drills, he is also just about the only offensive lineman who hasn't been injured in two years of training camp - despite carrying what is easily the heaviest workload of any lineman over two camps.

Five Guys Who Have Shined So Far In Camp - B. Broaddus, DallasCowboys.com
Broaddus goes a little beyond the usual headline names of Ware, Bryant, Romo and Witten to look at some of the camp standouts so far. The five players who caught Broaddus' eye are Jason Hatcher, Orlando Scandrick, Doug Free, Ernie Sims and Lance Dunbar. Broaddus has this assessment on Dunbar:

In these practices, he has shown quickness along with explosiveness to get through or around the corner with the ball in his hands. As a pass blocker, he has been willing and successful despite not having idea [sic] height to take on defenders that are much larger than him. He has been outstanding catching the ball, and, when in the open field, he has been difficult to bring down.

Morris Claiborne still hasn't gotten a handle on his migraines - C. Williams, Star-Telegram
Claiborne has been suffering from migraines since high school. So far, they haven't made him miss a game yet, but he's already missed two practices this year.

"I haven’t really found that thing to deal with it. We just try to deal with it the best we can," Claiborne said Thursday. "Taking [migraine drug] Imitrex and just trying to lay down and hoping to get better. Sometimes, it’s worse than others."

Cowboys practice report: Day 10 - C. Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Watkins summarizes the highlights of yesterday's training, and adds a positive note about a recently signed player:

Defensive end George Selvie is impressing the Cowboys' coaches and scouts. He signed late last week, and already he's getting some first- and second-team snaps because of injuries to the line. The defense had five sacks in team drills, and Selvie picked up two of them. His last sack, on quarterback Kyle Orton, ended the two-minute drill.

RB Coach Gary Brown likes what he sees in Cowboys backfield - S. Hunt, FS Southwest
In his short time with the Cowboys, Brown has developed quite an appreciation for the stable of players he has been working with.


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