Predicting the Cowboys 2013: Part 2

Predicting the Cowboys 2013: Part 2

The 2013 Cowboys will be exciting to watch, with anywhere from 12-4 to 5-11 potential. How will they fare, amongst the rest of the NFL? Here’s my take, part 2

Previously…The first quarter of the 2013 season saw tremendous success for the Cowboys as they swept the opponents on their way to a 4-0 start, including two thrilling finishes against the Chiefs and Chargers, to earn the top spot in the NFC East. How will the next four game slate work out? How will the standings shake out? Here’s the second quarter of the Dallas Cowboys 2013 season:

Week 5: vs Broncos

The Broncos will head to Dallas without Von Miller to face the Cowboys in the Cowboys second SNF game. The Cowboys will be lucky that Romo will see good protection vs the Broncos sans Miller and Dumervil, meaning an exciting and seemingly offensive game. Both teams air it out, but Dallas does a good job of giving the Broncos trouble in the redzone and forcing turnovers, and hold a 17-9 advantage at halftime, extending their lead to 24-12 heading into the final quarter in what could be a remarkable and unexpected Dallas win. Late in the game, the Cowboys begin to choke, allowing a late TD followed by a DeMarco Murray fumble inside the Cowboys 20. The chance gives the Broncos another TD, and a two point conversion leads to a 27-24 deficit against the Cowboys with just 2 minutes left on the clock. Romo and company get the tying field goal to head into their second OT game of the season. Both defenses stall the opposing offenses, but Manning comes up with a nice drive during the end of the extra period to put on a field goal and steal the game 30-27, for the Cowboys first loss.

Week 6: vs Redskins

In their final SNF football game of the season, the Cowboys will be playing at home for the second game in a row to host their division rivals and former NFC East champions, the Washington Redskins. The Redskins tough running game puts up huge numbers against the Cowboys once again, even with an ailing RG3 and force the Cowboys to put up lots of points themselves. The Cowboys defense struggles all night but the offense is able to keep up through halftime, where the score is tied 21-21. In the third quarter the Redskins begin to get away, taking a 35-24 lead into the fourth quarter. The Cowboys attempt a comeback but mistakes get in the way and Dallas doesn’t get enough of a rhythm going, falling just short with a 35-33 loss, their second in a row.

Week 7: @ Eagles

The Cowboys will hit the road again in week 7, seeing the Chip Kelly offense go to work against them for the first time. Similar to his days at USC, Kiffin’s defense struggles again in the first half but the offense bails them out, trailing 20-17 at halftime. The Eagles implode in the third quarter with a big Michael Vick interception which Bruce Carter returns for a TD, and the Cowboys lead 24-23 going into the final period. A field goal gives the lead back to the Eagles in a tight game, but they fall apart in the fourth quarter again with a fumble each by Vick and Cooper which the Cowboys turn into 10 points and a 34-26 lead late. The Eagles get into field goal range with under a minute left, but have to attempt on a 4th and 8. The Cowboys get pressure on Vick who escapes but only gets 4 yards and the Cowboys stop their skid with a win over Philly.

Week 8: @ Lions

The Cowboys will still be away in week 8 when they go to play a tough, undying Lions team. The Cowboys defense absolutely shines, picking off Stafford three times and recovering a fumble as the offense does its job, holding a 28-7 lead going into the fourth quarter. Unlike their last game against Detroit, Dallas stays strong throughout the game, allowing a little comeback but shutting it out before it becomes an issue, holding out for a 31-21 victory.

The Second part of the Cowboys season started off rough with two straight losses, but a couple of wins followed ensuring a smoother finish to the first half of the season. With big games against the Saints, Giants, and Packers looming, the 6-2 Cowboys are in good shape as they prepare for a challenging finish, looking for a playoff spot. Watch for part 3, featuring the Cowboys annual Thanksgiving game against the Raiders.

NFC East Standings:

Dallas Cowboys, 6-2

Washington Redskins, 5-3

New York Giants, 5-3

Philadelphia Eagles, 3-5

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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