53 man roster, before tonights game

I'll post my roster thoughts tomorrow once I have looked over the game slowly.

QB - 2 : Romo, Orton : This is basically set in stone this year. I think Dallas will try to stash Tanney on the PS, at least to start the season. They have too many question on the O-line, at Safety and at DT to keep that roster spot.

RB - 4 : Murray, Dunbar, Tanner, Randle : Many think Tanner will be the surprise. I personally think Randle should be the surprise. He has shown nothing this preseason that would leave me to believe he should be kept over Tanner.

TE - 4 : Witten, Hanna, Escobar, Rosario : Running 12 and 13 sets does not work with only 3 TE's. If one gets hurt you throw out all the 13 plays. Rosario gets the nod due to experience, blocking and, better than advertised, ability to catch.

OT - 3 : Free, Smith, Parnell : This scares me a bit. They may consider keeping Bell. At the cost of Kowalski. I'm comfortable with Free and Smith starting. But if one gets hurt, look for an immediate trade or FA signing to follow.

OG/C - 6 : Leary, Frederick, Arkin, Bernadeau, Costa, Kowalski : The biggest surprise of the off season, the release of Nate Livings. Livings and Costa are the only two without positional flex. Costa has more value as a backup C than Livings does as a backup G. Kowalski sneaks on here because he can play all 3 spots in the middle.

S - 5 : Allen, Church, Wilcox, McCray, Heath : Heath and McCray are both core STers. Matt Johnson will be IR'd with a return designation. McCray is the surprise keeper. But he has been playing with the 1's on all teams in practice and preseason games. He is not going anywhere.

CB - 5 : Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Moore, Webb : This is still the most set in stone position on the team. My only complaint would be: Scandrick has earned the start along side Carr. He has looked better than Claiborne, even when he is healthy, all Summer. On Nickels slide him inside and then put Claiborne on the field.

OLB - 4 : Carter, Durant, Sims, Holloman : This is a very good group of LBers. Sims was pushing for starter reps before getting injured. Durant has been solid. Holloman is looking like a 6th round steal!

ILB - 2 : Lee, Magee : I think either Sims or Carter would slide over if Lee were to get hurt. Magee is one of 2 UDFA to make the team this year. Heath being the other.

DE - 5 : Ware, Spencer, Wilber, Selvie, Bass : Bass can play all along the line. Selvie has earned his spot with outstanding play

DT - 4 : Hatcher, Ratliff, Hayden, Lissemore : Hayden has played well in Ratliff's abscense. He may not be a force rushing, but he is solid in the middle. Lissy shouldn't make this team, but he will. With the ability of Bass to slide inside, I would cut Lissemore.

ST - 3 : Jones, Bailey, LaDoucer : Nothing to say here.

PS - 8 :

Coughman : Looking for a new swing tackle, he may be it.

McSurdy : Almost made the team. He would make it if they cut Lissy. He is a core ST and has looked good at MIKE

Smith : We need a 5th TE on the PS. For a big blocker, he has ran and caught well.

Lawrence : Need LBers in this system, no one is getting younger.

Long : I would of kept him over Lissemore.

Pellerin : CB / S : He has looked good. He makes plays, would be a nice 4th / 5th S /CB

Coale : I think we gave him enough chances, but here he is again.

Tanney : He starts the season here, but makes the 53 by game 8 so they don't lose him once injuries start taking out QB's.

$113, 645,280 this year

$3,529,700 dead for 2014

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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