Dress Rehearsal 2013: Scattershot Observations of an untrained eye

OK if the NFL can substitute Referees at half time to get them more "Reps" I suppose I can hack away at some Pre Season observations for the same reason, getting ready for the real deal.

Keep in mind I watched this without benefit of DVR as Houston is carrying Denver instead of Dallas so the occasional blurry and possibly bootleg feed on the laptop is my viewpoint. Disclaimer Over.

OLINE: I thought Free to Guard was a contingency move for practice only, if so why is he there for the Dress Rehearsal game with all starters paying a half +? More to this than the Garrett speak led us to believe?

The eye test says he is a better Guard than Bernadeau already. The Bengal's announcers are talking on my feed and they remarked that on the 3rd and 1 stop by the Cinci Def in the 2nd quarter looked like a sled drill where our left Guard played the sled "with no arms or legs to stop the defender from hitting and sliding down the line to make a stop".

Frederick will have announcers dropping the "he is not a rookie anymore" cliche by early-mid season. Now about that angst over reaching in the draft when we could've had option X, Y, or Z!

Smith is............ yes he IS! I hated that we let our OL get so bad that we had to pass on JJ Watt and take Smith, but man O man is he ever a wonderful use of a draft pick. MR Romo says thank you fellas.

Parnell needs to stay motivated and learn from coaching / learn from mistakes and not repeat them. Play with better technique and improve every game. Am I asking too much? Well yea, but people win the lottery every week so it could happen. I keep focusing on the remark from Woick about Parnell's punch being the best he has ever seen.

Second team had Arkin standing out early, not for the reasons we want to see however. I had to say aloud, Who is #62? Oh #@#$, it's Arkin. Not progressing young blood not making that long awaited jump, no light going on, just drifting down the depth chart.


Romo making smart decisions with the ball AND his body, I like the drop to the ground "sack" he took when nothing good was happening, does he do this in a division game? Doubtful but it shows good situational awareness.

Dez is happening, that is all!

Miles showed some of his old reverse motion spin that worked couple of times, he also put some very nice route running and separation ability on display.

Tanner is looking like he is ready to be the feature back! Liked him ever since the Witten impersonation 2 years ago and his bowling ball style when given the chance his rookie year but he is taking the next step and is knock knock knocking on Murray's door.

Murray was his beast self when he touched the ball on limited carries, he still runs angry!

Randle banging his nose into some chests and looking energized. All this is good news for our running game.

All 3 QBs exhibited crispness in their reads and throws, maybe we really will keep Tanney around. the Bengals announcers fawned all over Orton for several minutes. They seemed a little jealous about our starter quality backup.

Special Teams:

OUCH! Not looking special unless you mean that other type of special.

Hit the scoreboard with punts (possibly twice) then having a complete team mental lapse on the RE kick to give up one of the easiests long TDs I have seen in some time. Then we had to take a timeout as we were going to kick with only 10 men on the field, thought I saw Frampton run off the field after the huddle broke but not clear on that. A couple of really bad decisions to run kicks out of the end zone and general disorganization made me cringe when our ST took the field.


Bruce Carter looks like he was born playing this scheme. Sean Lee is getting there but Carter was on screen every tackle it seemed.

Was that Webb with an INT? Good coverage spoken with his name 3 or 4 times. Quick Quick recovery from Oakland, even though he did get run over for a Bengals TD late in the game.

Micah Pellerin showing up on the positive side of the stat sheet. One very nice breakup of what could have been a TD pass.

For the 2nds Mcsurdy was banging away for tackles and air time. Good effort.

Turnovers? FOR us? spread out over most of the game? The word opportunistic keep popping into my head. The Bears game from last year ~sigh~ can we actually dream that we might be the team on the + side of a couple games like that?

Mixed review tonight, Special Teams scared me, but we might really make Roger the Dodger Staubach into a soothsayer with an 11 win season. NICE

See Y'all in September!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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