Eating Some Cowboys Crow: Miles Austin Flavor

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone ever been wrong about a prediction revolving around our beloved Cowboys? I have, and I'm not afraid to admit it...

My wonderful, amazing, supportive, and understanding (among so many other positive traits) wife, tells me that I don't like to admit when I'm wrong about something, and I must admit, for the most part I think she's right. BUT... If me being wrong might somehow greatly benefit my beloved Dallas Cowboys (who that same amazing woman happens to love as well), I'm happy to swallow my pride. Which is the exact intention of this post.

I Was Wrong About Miles Austin.

Early in the off-season, I opined that the Cowboys should have considered releasing Miles Austin. When I watched him in 2012, he didn't consistently look like a dynamic player and came up too small in too many cases last year. He looked like he was laboring through the season and that combined with his extensive injury history made me wonder about his value to the team.

When I watched the offense towards the end of the year, and thought about the possible increase in productivity from James Hanna in 2013, as well as the way Dwayne Harris stepped up and Cole Beasley manned the slot. I was convinced this offense could be explosive with out number 19, and when I looked at his financial impact on the team, I was doubly confident.

However, the team disagreed with me (happens more than I'd like to admit) and they restructured his contract early in the free agency period to make more cap money available, and that's when I knew my prediction that they'd cut him had been wrong. However, I still wasn't convinced he would be a true difference maker in 2013, and that Terrance Williams was brought in specifically to replace Austin in 2014.

I am admitting now that I was wrong about his role in 2013. After his very productive game against Cincinnati this weekend I can definitely see how they can use him in this offense to create problems for defenses. As Tom Orsborn quoted on, head coach Jason Garrett had some thoughts comparing Miles from 2012 to the one he's seen thus far in 2013.

"I thought he had a relatively productive year for where he was physically," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "He wasn’t very healthy throughout most of the year. I probably saw him looking like himself maybe a couple of occasions throughout the whole season last year."

"He’s monitored himself to make sure he doesn’t drive himself into the ground," Garrett said. "So, he looks fresher, he looks quicker to me and he’s a hard match-up player for people because he’s so big."

So in this case, I'm glad I was wrong, because if Saturday's game vs Cincinnati was any indication, this offense can be scary good when Miles Austin is a play making threat.

What about you? What prediction or statement have you made, that you were happy you were wrong about?

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