The Contenders for the Award No One Wants

That award is titled "The Official Aaron Glenn Annual Surprise Training Camp Cut".

Every year it happens. Someone who the BtB faithful have all penned into our 53 man roster predictions winds up with an unexpected visit from the Turk. As it did with Aaron Glenn in 2007, we know it is going to happen to someone. Who are this year's candidates?

In the order they appear on Coty's Roster Builder:

Contender #1 - Matt Johnson.

Admittedly, this one would not be too much of a surprise, given Mr Johnson's struggles to stay on the field. What would make it surprising, however is releasing a player the team clearly thinks highly of outside of his visits to the training room. Odds of a visit from the Turk - 25%

Contender #2 - Sterling Moore

Bryan Broaddus has something about this in his writeup today over at the Mothership. His basic point is the Micah Pellerin may have more upside as a corner and therefore could get the nod over Sterling Moore and his versatility. However, considering the vast inexperience in the Cowboys secondary, and it is hard for me to see the team parting ways with Moore. Odds of a visit from the Turk - 20%

Contender #3 - Ernie Sims

There was a time going into camp when Ernie Sims getting cut would not have been shocking. The team signed Justin Durant during the offseason, drafted Devonte Holloman, and signed highly regarded UDFA Brandon Magee. Combined with holdover Swiss Army Knife Alex Albright, there was thought to be little room for Sims. But he played his way into more and more 1st team snaps until recently sidelined with a groin injury. With Albright's trip to IR and his Stellar play, it looks more and more like Ernie Sims will be wearing the star this season. But could he be viewed as a progress stopper for guys like Magee and Holloman? If so, he could be up for a visit from the Turk. Odds - 10%

Contender #4 - Ben Bass

Bass was the talk of the offseason and the first week of Training Camp. Jason Hatcher raved about him and how Bass was going to be the reason Hatch would need a new team next year. The injury to Tyrone Crawford moved Bass even more into the spotlight. But there hasn't been much said or written about him -- good or bad since the opening week of training camp. Might the team prefer to keep Landon Cohen? Odds of a visit from the Turk - 25%

Contender #5 - Sean Lissemore

Lissy was seen as a rising contributor and even (in some small circles) a future star and HOF player. But many have opined that he ins't a good scheme fit in the Kiffin/Marinelli defense. Combine that with not much said about him good or bad and you wonder if the team might let him go or look for someone who is a better fit. Will the turk visit him? Odds are 15%, mostly due to dead money in 2014 that will be created by cutting him.

Contender #6 - Dante Rosario

Dante Rosario was signed to bring experience and blocking to a group of TE's that lack prowess in both (outside of Witten, of course). One could even say that he was insurance in case of injury or lack of production from any of the top three TE's on the roster. Now, he probably is the best blocker outside of Witten, but that doesn't say much. He's probably a player who at this point in his career is all he will ever be -- a serviceable backup TE who can block a little, catch a little, but isn't really great at either of them. At much less cost, might the team decide to keep TE Andre Smith? Odds of the Turk coming Dante Rosario's locker? 30%

Contender #7 - Jeremy Parnell

Admittedly, this would be the most shocking of all, given the recent line shifting that has gone on. But all accounts said that he just whiffed in the "competition" with Doug Free for the RT job. He got injured, but even without injury, he didn't stand a chance. The team has been trying to develop him for three years. Does he have potential to start, or has he hit his celing? If he's at his ceiling, maybe the team keeps "DaMatress" Bell. Will the turk visit? 5% odds.

Contender #8 - Kevin Kowalski

BtB has been in love with Killer K since his days as an undrafted rookie. People wanted him to compete to unseat Costa from the starting C job last year, but injury killed his season. This year he returned, but was struck with the injury bug again. Where does he rank in the C/G pecking order? will the team keep him over Arkin? over Costa? Or will it be the other way around? Odds of the Turk visiting Mr Kowalski - 45%.

What say you BtB? Who will be this year's surprise cut?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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