Not Good Enough

Florio says Special Sauce gets Cowboys an 8-8 record (via bobby dean)

I just stumbled across a clip on you tube of Mike Florio trashing the cowboys in response to Stephen Jones controversial but not without merit "special sauce" conversation. To be honest I wish he had used any other analogy than "special sauce" it just sounds a bit too dirty for my tastes. And speaking of dirty and tasteless...

Man. Mike Florio is talking foolish in this clip. He sounds like a shock jock here. He predicts another 8-8 record and says that the Cowboys aren't a very good football team. Doesn't explain his reasons why though, just basically says we suck and we make for good entertainment. This guy must not have been watching this team closely over the past couple seasons. This team is far from a "not very good" football team. Even when snakebit with numerous injuries on offense and defense this team came a missed kick in Baltimore and a fingertip away from winning the NFC east, and making the playoffs. You don't get into two consecutive win and get in games at the end of the season by being not very good. Now if he had said mediocre or average, I could agree to a certain point. But basically declaring we are terrible? Not so much.

Terrible teams don't win five straight games or more to stay in playoff contention. Terrible teams stay terrible and aren't even in the position to think about the playoffs let alone compete for a spot in them. Terrible, or as Mike Florio eloquently says "Not Very Good" are teams like the Raiders, or the Browns. Not the Dallas Cowboys. I admit this team has been a disappointment the past two seasons with two chances to win in the end and make the postseason squandered by grapefruit hands, and ogletrees, but this team and it's new head coach are getting better not worse. I guarantee if this team was healthy last year and had Bruce Lee on the field instead of Dan Connor and a cast of whatchamacallits it would have at least made the playoffs.

And I don't think Stephen Jones was in the wrong saying we have the special sauce to compete for a super bowl berth. We have a top 10 quarterback, a rising superstar WR in Dez, a very solid number 2 in Miles Austin, a nice stable of capable explosive running backs, a offensive line that has the potential if it gels to be a real force, and a defense that is a turnover machine and has the pieces to be downright dominant. Our special teams aren't that special but other than that this team if it can avoid the injury bug can make some real noise. But Mike Florio so called NFL expert says we suck and we're going 8-8 again. Might as well call the season a waste now right? Excuse my french here but hell no. This mediot is just giving this team extra motivation to prove him and every other so called analyst wrong and make them eat a big plate of juicy crow. And I for one am going to love seeing every minute of these experts looking like the fools that they are if and when the boys put together a nice season and a playoff berth.

But before we can get the plates of crow ready this team has to at least make the playoffs and win at least one maybe even two playoff games, and winning the super bowl let alone making it would be a bonus. But if this team does go 8-8 again this season or worse that won't be good enough, and shock jock journalists like Mr. Florio will be smelling like roses in the end. And that is not something I want to see.

Prove em all wrong Boys starting with a win at home against those pesky Giants.



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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