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The waiver wire guys Dallas should maybe look at.

Chilo Rachal, G, 27, 2nd 2008 : Cut by Arizona. Formerly drafted by the 49ers. Was a 2.5 year starter for San Fran. Lost his starting RG spot in 2010. Signed with Da' Bears after his rookie contract was up. After spending all of the off season and part of the season with them, in Nov of 2011 he left Chicago for personal reasons. He was placed on NFI that same month. He signed with Arizona in April of this year. He has started 46 games in his career and has that San Fran O-line pedigree. But can he still play?

Antoine Caldwell, C/G, 27, 3rd 2009 : Cut by Buffalo. Formerly drafted by the Texans. He was the 3rd ranked C in the 2009 draft. He started 19 games in the 3 years he spent with Houston. He spent one month this off season with the Bills before being cut. Only 19 starts, but 39 games played in, is he worth a look to keep Free at RT?

J'Marcus Webb, OT, 25, 7th 2010 : Cut by Chicago. Formerly drafted by the Bears. He started 44 of 48 games at LT from his rookie year until 2012. He had the famous week 2 games last year when Cutler exploded on him for allowing Clay Mathews to get a sack. He was shifted to RT this year after the Bears signed Jermon Bushrod. He was practicing at RT all camp before being released. Fellow BTBer's have said he looks awful. But did he look as bad as Parnell?

Dallas Reynolds, C/OG, 29, UDFA 2009 : Cut by Filthadelphia. Singed as an UDFA with the Green Birds. He bounced on and off the PS for the Iggles for his 1st two years. But in the 2012 season at week 2, he became the starting C due to injury. He started 14 games during his time with the Sheagles. He has not shown much. but he has 3 years of coaching with one of the better O-lines in the league. Would he be worth a shot at RG to move Free to RT? He would probably be very cheap.

Max Starks, OT, 31, 3rd 2004 : Cut by San Diego. Drafted by the Steelers He has started 96 games in his career. He has two SB rings as the starting RT for the Steelers. In 2011 he fought injuries and basically had a wasted season. In 2012 he started all 16 games for the Yellow and Black. He played his last 3 years with the Steelers on 1 year contracts. If we want to keep Free at G he could be a sexy one year option at RT.

Kasey Studdard, OG, 29, 6th 2007 : Cut by Tennessee. Drafted by the Texans. He was a 14 game starter in 2009 due to injury. He has mostly been a back up. But he is from Katy, Texas. Could he be a better stop gap presence at RG than Bernadeau? Good enough to move Free to RT?


Kevin Matthews, C/OG, 26, UDFA 2010 : Cut by Washington. Signed by Tennessee in 2010. He has only ever started 3 games. But boy does he have some incredible football bloodlines! Son of Bruce Mathews, Nephew of Clay Mathews Jr, Grandson of Clay Mathews Sr, Cousin of Clay III and Casey Mathews. Is he worth a last minute look?

Tony Pashos, OT, 33, 3rd 2003 : Cut by Washington. Drafted by the Ravens. Up until 2009 he was a regular starter at RT with various teams. That same year he fractured his scapula. He has not been a a starter since. He has started 67 games in his career. Could he be a one year stop gap at RT to keep Free at G?

Matt Tennant, C/OG, 26, 5th 2010. Cut by Filthadelphia. Drafted by the Saints. He was the 2nd ranked C of the 2010 draft. He has played in 36 games but never has started. He has been with the Saints, Patriots and Sheagles in his career. Could he be a cheap RG option? Or would he be a wash like everywhere else?

Danny Watkins, OG, 28, 1st 2011 : Cut by Filthadelphia. Drafted by the Sheagles. Oldest 1st rounder since 1980. He couldn't crack the starting line up until week 5. He ended up starting 18 games only. Would he be an effective RG in Dallas' ZBS? Did he suck with the Iggles due to thier man blocking scheme? He is fairly powerful, but lacks some athleticicm. Could Dallas turn this firefighter into something the Green Birds couldn't?

Jake Scott, OG, 32, 5th 2004 : Cut by Detroit. Drafted by the Colts. He basically was a starter for the Colts and Titans for 128 games. He has a SB ring from his time in Indy. He could be a nice addition as a RG. He was one of the best Guards in football up until 2011. Much like Brian Waters. The biggest difference is, he has continued to play the game since that time. At 32 years old, he might not have much left in the tank. But he may have enough to be a starting RG in Dallas for a year.

Ryan Lilja, C/OG, 31, UDFA 2004 : Cut by Denver. Signed by the Chiefs in 2004. A former 104 game starter with SB experience. He was a mainstay at G for Manning in Indy. He retired after the 2012 season then changed his mind. If he still has the passion and is in football shape from only a month of camp with the Broncos, he could be a nice pick up. Would he be willing to go out on a final ride with the Boys in hopes of another SB? Or did he sign in Denver due to Peyton being there?

Included as requested

Fernando Velasco, C/LG , 28, UDFA 2008 : Cut by Tennessee. Signed by Titans in 2008. He started all 16 games last year at C (13) and LG (3). He bounced back and forth off the Titans PS until 2010. He has always been a good gameday back up. Last year he proved he could start. He got caught up in a numbers game this year as Tennessee has some very good linemen. He does not have much experience on the Right side. He has even mainly practiced as a LG or C while with the Titans. A few BTBer's seem to be high on him.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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