We The People: Roll Call From Last's Night Game Threads On BTB

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Everyone that does something worthwhile deserves a little recognition.

Here at BTB, we pride ourselves in not only trying to give you the best analysis and coverage of the team we can do from afar, but also in the community atmosphere that has been fostered since Dave "opened the doors" back in 2005.

As such, I'm going to try out a new feature that SB Nation has available, The Roll Call.

The folks that participate in our Open Threads are a unique breed, to say the least. We have a high count of commenters that do not get the opportunity to join the discussions during the week for various reasons. Some have plenty to contribute once they do get time to enjoy the game with their BTB bretheren (and sisterhood).

So here's a salute to not only the most frequent posters in our Open Threads and the Post Game Recap, but those that enough people agreed with to "rec" their efforts. There were so many commenters in total (177) I had to make the cutoff 10 comments or more. You'll notice the return of a BTB favorite that just made the cutoff.

All of the "rec" lists are linkable, so you can click on the comment headline and go directly to the comment to see what all the love is about.

# Commenter # Comments
1 CowboyOcelot 205
2 scottmaui 130
3 RomoCop 124
4 Trueblue122 123
5 Fernie67 111
7 LizardState 93
8 Kevin L 76
9 Rena 69
10 JollyRancher 55
11 YumaCactus 49
12 DEL1SLE 47
13 skinny post 43
14 The Real Dirk Gently 40
15 tanstaafl 40
16 CowboyBuck15 40
17 Invictus XI 40
18 TrustNo1 39
19 scraig 37
20 WD LA 35
21 neithan20000 34
22 One.Cool.Customer 33
23 liquidblake 31
24 dmagikwand 29
25 Sean N 28
26 j-man 27
27 Lee Traylor 26
28 Bermystar 25
29 Howleyesque 24
30 starmesh23 24
31 PeanutPunch 23
32 Shaymer 22
33 Rome One 22
34 Yellowbeard 21
35 "It's your world, my universe" 21
36 BoydNation 20
37 bcomets 18
38 The Loco Llama 17
39 jstaubach 17
40 DavidLaFleur 16
41 RKO 16
42 Layne 16
43 go87 16
44 CaliFanInTx 15
45 NovaceksKid 15
46 CotySaxman 15
47 somebodyquiet 15
48 djthumpl 15
49 Dallasfan4life 15
50 JustB 14
51 mahuebel 13
52 Jessy S 13
53 psychodad 13
54 Jordellis 12
55 gabrielau23 12
56 nineinchnate 12
57 Barbancourt 12
58 JakFrost 11
59 stellarowl12 11
60 Birddog26 10

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
34 skinny post or play of the game?
26 Trueblue122 Here my play of the game
23 skinny post To whom it may concern,
23 Trueblue122 I'll just leave this here....
14 Tom Ryle Football.
10 The Real Dirk Gently BTW, that is Dallas Thomas he's running right over
10 RomoCop Hopefully it was in the shape of a monkey..
9 Kevin L [no title]
8 CowboyOcelot I honestly hope
7 scottmaui Tanney's trick shot!
7 Kazz22 Matt Johnson made a play and is, therefore, hurt
7 scottmaui btw TWill fine
6 Antonio S Whoever found Selvie should get a raise right away.
5 Canadian Cowboy_74 George selvie wow!!!
5 Rena That wasn't funny on the last thread.
5 woggerone As a Vikes fan....
5 Kevin L Eh, What the hell.
5 scottmaui
5 CowboyBuck15 Pulled it on the way to the X-ray machine
5 WD LA "Offensive line seeking out 2nd level pancakes."
4 CowboyOcelot Jerry said X-Rays came out negative
4 Spaceball I thought Frederick, Arkin, and Leary Did Well
4 RKO [no title]
4 starmesh23 We've got safety in numbers
4 Cowboys_93 Great game by Leary
4 RKO Football is back
3 WD LA Frederick's 40 time didn't seem to hurt him tonight and...
3 LizardState Howdy boys & girls &
3 jstaubach George Brett... KC Royals
3 CowboyOcelot but Selvie gets the GAME BALL
3 Birddog26 Had a chance to talk with Garrett earlier. He seems more at ease and confident than I have seen him in years
3 pjohn56 I think we got something here
3 Samson254 And so it begins..not just football...but DALLAS COWBOYS football!!!
3 Kevin L No Cheerleaders???
3 The Real Dirk Gently I did notice, however,
3 The Real Dirk Gently They were about the same against Thomas, Selvie destroyed their #3 LT
3 Kevin L Oh right, here too.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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