Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Jones Impressed With Cowboys Draft Picks

Rick Yeatts

Thursday links!

Jerry Jones impressed with 2013 draft picks - J. Machota, FSSouthwest
Jerry Jones says he's quite pleased with his seven draft picks. Of course he is. But then again, so far it looks like he has every right to be.

Source: Cowboys DT Jay Ratliff won’t practice in Oxnard but on target for season opener - D. Moore, DMN
The Cowboys have five more practices in Oxnard next week, and while Ratliff won't join those, he's expected back in pads in time to possibly play in the dress rehearsal game on August 24 game against the Bengals.

Alex Albright says Ryan taught recognition, Kiffin teaches fast play - C. Mendez, Star-Telegram
Albright is taking a best-of-both-worlds approach to the coaching changes. He said Ryan's scheme taught him a lot about the game and helped him recognize things quickly, a skill he can reapply in Kiffin's scheme, which is all about speed. Good answer to a tricky question, young man.

Stephen Jones: Failed opportunity with Moore an example of team doing every thing it can to win now - C. Hill, Star-Telegram
As the Cowboys regroup in the aftermath of Moore's surprising decision to retire, Stephen Jones said the Cowboys didn't address the position in the spring because of salary-cap issues and because they were hoping Bernadeau and Livings would be better in year two with the team. But once the injuries accumulated the Cowboys decided to act.

“We are not through looking,” Jones said. “We have options. But we also have parameters we have to work with in with our cap situation. We have guys we are looking at. We will continue to look at all our options.”

QB Playing Time; Murray Watch - B. Broaddus, DallasCowboys.com
Broaddus looks ahead to the Raiders game and speculates on how much playing time the starters will get. He also looks at how WR Eric Rogers seems to have hit a rookie wall these past days, and how Danny Coale is making his way back onto the team.

Bernadeau Plenty Good Enough When He's Healthy - Nick Eatman, DallasCowboys.com
Eatman makes a case for Bernadeau:

"Last year, he missed all of the summer and some of training camp with a hip injury. He came back rusty and it took some time into the regular season to get into his rhythm. Once he did, he was the best guard on the team."


Everybody does their practice report a little differently, but all of them are worth checking out.

Day 13 observations from Dallas Cowboys training camp practice - B. George, DMN
This report reads like a play-by-play of the highlights of the team portion of practice.

Cowboys practice report: Day 13 - C. Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Watkins mixes some more general observations, including which C-list celebrity attended camp that day, with the highlight plays of practice

Wednesday Practice Report - N. Eatman, DallasCowboys.com
The DC.com report always leads with main story (here: the Cowboys' search for a guard), adds some highlights from the day's practice report, has the day's standouts and offers the daily injury report.


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