Film Study: "Gavin Escobar's (Non)TD"

"This week's film study will focus on Gavin Escobar's almost touchdown & how Alex Tanney managed to find him in the 5th preseason game vs the Houston Texans.

The Dallas Cowboys released Alex Tanney on Saturday but were able to sign him to their practice squad as their was just no room for him on their 53 man roster. Tanney has received alot of suport here on BTB & many fans have talked about how he was robbed of two touchdowns. In todays film study, we will focus on the first (non) touchdown that Tanney threw. The Cowboys were moving the ball relatively well on their best drive of the night down by 7 points against the Houston Texans. Cole Beasley had just gotten the Cowboys a first down with some nifty moves & after a short run gets the Cowboys three yards, Bill Callahan calls for a two Tight End & Two Wide Receiver set.

Score Board Reads:

[ Houston Texans 7 - Dallas Cowboys 0 | 2nd & 7 | 1st Qtr. | 2:44 ]

In the first slide we see, Both tight ends (Gavin Escobar & James Hanna) are lined up on the left side of the Offensive Line. The LT is Darrion Weems, The LG is David Arkin, The C is Phil Costa, The RG is Kevin Kowalski, & the RT is Edawn Coughman.

Almost immediately as the ball is snapped, the first sign of pressure appears. Left guard David Arkin overextends on his block which allows the DT to simply push him aside. The Texans DT now has the leverage & makes his bolt to the quarterback. Notice that Tanney is barely dropping back as this is happening.

The next two slides show the routes that are being executed & which Offensive Linemen are next to give up pressure. Left Tackle #75 Darion Weems who completely whiffs on his block on the Texan DE, has provided a clear path to the QB, & Right Tackle #76 Edawn Coughman has not shuffled his feet quick enough for the OLB rushing the quaterback.

As you can see below, Hanna is running an underneath slant route to the right while Gavin Escobar runs a deep post route to his left. Cole Beasley is lined up in the slot & runs a quick in route to his left. Tim Benford is running a deep in route.

While these routes are developing, Alex Tanney has noticed that it is suicide to stay in the pocket as his Offensive Line has been completely mauled.

The next two slides show Alex Tanney scrambling to his left looking for an open receiver with five Texan defenders quickly closing on him. He manages to get the ball out of his hand with a nice accurate lob pass to Gavin Escobar in the end-zone with #36 D.J. Swearinger of the Texans in coverage.

The good news is that Gavin Escobar showed his athletic ability to go up & his reliable hands to come down with the football. The bad news is that he only gets one foot in bounds & the touchdown is then nullified.

Conclusion: Gavin Escobar will have to learn to not only catch the ball, but have the awareness to come down with it in bounds. Escobar may not have elite speed or powerful strength, but he does have a height advantage & good hands to catch the ball. He will also have to learn the proper technique in blocking. The Dallas Cowboys will do their best to maximize his skills in certain positions & situations and hopefully this nullified TD gives him a chip on his shoulder heading into the regular season.

Thanks for reading & leave your comments/thoughts below - Moses

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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