Keeping Up with the Collegiates - Week 2

Sorry for the delay in getting this done. Though, honestly, I can't imagine any of you sitting there waiting for these posts at the end of the week as NFL Football has finally started and has occupied most of your excitement. This week will be pretty concise as I didn't get to watch many games since I was on vacation on the enormous Lake Powell on the Arizona/Utah border. Anyway, enough of my babbling and onto the standouts I saw this weekend in college football.

1. Tre Boston - Safety - UNC

Tre Boston started his career as a cornerback at North Carolina. Halfway through his sophomore year he switched to Safety. He started every game his Junior year at Safety and led his team in tackles with 86 and shared the lead for Interceptions with 4, one of which he returned for a touchdown. He started this season on the Nagurski and Thorpe watch lists. He registered his first interception for the season this weekend against Middle Tennessee State, which you can see above. He came all the way across the field, reading the QB the whole way and leaped to make a one handed interception grab, which was a thing of beauty to watch. This play also occurred in the end zone, denying MTSU a score of any kind. If he can just keep up that kind of production, he will be worth a high round grade from the NFL scouts.

2. Kyle Van Noy - OLB - BYU

Kyle Van Noy should have come out for the draft last year, but changed his mind at the last second. He would have been a lock as a first round selection. It doesn't look like that is going to change this year on the pace he is going. The BYU offense completely sucks. Their QB might have run for around 250 yds against Texas this weekend, however, that same QB has passed for 304 yds, completed 22/66 passes and has 1 TD, 2 INT and sacked 3 times. Tim Tebow has a career pass completion of 49.7% against elite NFL competition. Yes, that's right, the BYU QB is a worse thrower than Tim Tebow. I only bring that up because that is the kind of difference maker Kyle Van Noy is. People were amazed that he didn't come out for the draft last year after his performance against San Diego State in their bowl game. Take this excerpt from the The Salt Lake Tribune about Van Noy:

Van Noy’s showing in the fourth quarter of that game blew through the stages of impressive and entertaining, past the point of memorable, straight to the outer reaches of hilarious, when he scored a couple of touchdowns, with a ridiculous sack of suitably named Aztec quarterback Adam Dingwell during which he knocked the ball loose in the end zone and fell on it, and a subsequent pick-6. All told, he blocked a punt, forced the fumble, recovered the fumble, had the interception, ran like Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch into the end zone and collected 3.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and eight total stops.

This kid is like Tyrann Mathieu without the off the field issues. I know we probably have more pressing needs, but could you really say no to having another Bruce Carter manning the other OLB spot? In fact, he could be seen as a mix between Sean Lee AND Bruce Carter (or maybe just Bruce Lee). I seriously doubt he will fall far enough for the Cowboys to get a sniff at him as I expect some good things from the boys this year, but this dude is a player through and through. Although, I predict that he will be seen primarily as a 3-4 outside linebacker with his playmaking ability and his size (6' 3" 245 lbs). However, they said the same about Von Miller (no I am not comparing the two so slow your roll) and they turned him into a 4-3 linebacker up in Denver so you never know. Keep an eye out for Van Noy.

3. Aaron Murray - QB - Georgia

Nothing new here. You all know who this guy is and I am going to go out on a limb, if you will, and predict this guy as the #1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. This guy has quite a cannon for an arm and seems to be pretty accurate as well. He made South Carolina, which traditionally is a pretty good defense, look awfully silly. You don't necessarily need to keep an eye on him, as I don't think it will be able to be avoided, but boy is this kid fun to watch work. Whoever picks #1 in the 2014 NFL Draft will get themselves a bonafide franchise QB.

4. Bryn Renner - QB - UNC

I saw this kid make some nice touches against MTSU this weekend. He did have one boneheaded interception that he threw, but I kind of expect that from a college QB as I rarely ever see on that doesn't stare down his receivers. Any DB that can read a QBs eyes should be able to gather some picks in college. He seems like he has a lot of the basics though that you would want. Keep an eye out for this kid and see what he does. Could be an option after the first round to pick up and groom behind Romo. Here is what Mike Mayock (my top draftnik) had to say about Renner on NFL Networks show titled NFL AM:

He is probably the most polished of all of the quarterbacks I saw [at the Manning Passing Academy]. Great feet, bigger kid than I thought at 6' 3" 220 lbs, ball comes out beautifully, his father is a highly recognized high school coach, so it doesn't surprise me that he is so polished.

5. Stephen Morris - QB - Miami (FL)

I only really got to see the highlights of this game, so take this analysis with a grain of salt. I'll try to watch Miami in the coming weeks as there are more players I would like to see more from, such as RB Duke Johnson and Safety Rayshawn Jenkins (though only a sophomore). Back to Morris though, the throws that I did see he had some nice touch on. He seems to have a pretty powerful arm. He didn't look like he stepped into some of the throws but still had a nice zip on the ball. Honestly, his delivery (just the throwing motion mind you) looks a little like the Redskins' Griffin. From what I saw he needs to improve on his accuracy though as 50% completion is not good enough. Typically that is what I have seen from strong armed QBs and vice versa. Strong arm but inaccurate and decent arm but accurate. Keep an eye on him to see if that improves. Here is what Mayock had to say about him on NFL AM:

I had an opportunity to do his game against Notre Dame last year. I thought he threw a beautiful football. Got a big arm. He won the air-it-out challenge, which they do the final night [at the Manning Passing Academy], which is a test of accuracy. But Stephen Morris has great mechanics, he was coached by Jed Fisch at Miami, who is now the offensive coordinator with Jacksonville, and you can see that he's really been developed well the last couple years.

6. Teddy Bridgewater - QB - Louisville

Lots of QBs this week. Don't ask me why I listed Teddy Bridgewater and Aaron Murray in this section as I really don't know. I can't see Dallas taking either because we simply won't be drafting that high, nuff said. Teddy Bridgewater will likely give Aaron Murray a run for the honor of first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. When i see this kid throw, it just seems to be a thing of beauty. He is a pretty dang good passing QB. I think Aaron Murray will still beat him out for the crown of #1 overall as Murray plays against better competition in the SEC. You know what this means though. Players will get pushed down to us later in the draft instead of guards going in the top 10 because there are no better players on the board after 5 picks. This will be a much deeper draft this year, good news for Dallas.

I didn't spot any new local guys from Texas in this weekend's games, but keeping tabs on Jalen Mills from last week, he only had 1 tackle against UAB and that was his only stat. Didn't watch the game, but they might have just strayed away from him. Let me know in the Comments about any other standouts from this weekend that I missed and also any local Dallas area guys playing outside of Texas that made some plays this weekend. This will help our off-season be that much more tolerable if we do this now. Its the only reason why watch college football.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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