I Pity the Fool!!!

This past Sunday night, AT&T Stadium was absolutely rocking! How do I know? Because I was there, I was rabid, and I was far from alone. Moreover, I wasn't in the upper decks - though noise is noise - but down in the end zone ... second row from the field. I didn't see any millionaires, besides the Jones gang; what I did see was a ravenous crowd decked out in white and blue. In front of me was a Strahan fan who commented on the level of the noise. After the game, virtually every player that was interviewed pointed to the crowd noise as a big factor, something not seen in the past.

I understand a certain Chiefs fan is trolling in the comments, but you DO understand that right? How we are trying to separate the past (when the crowd noise hadn't been a factor), from the present, when crowd noise clearly impacted the game? I understand you had been to games in the past, from which your own eyewitness account was sufficient for you to determine that crowd noise wasn't a factor in Dallas home games. But, if the overwhelming opinion of those who WITNESSED last Sunday's game still isn't enough, let's try some statistics:

  1. Stuffed on 1st and goal from the one and 3rd and one from midfield
  2. 3 false starts/holds and a burned time out
  3. 3 sacks, 3 TFLs, and 5 QB hits
  4. Three interceptions
  5. The four highest graded Cowboys per PFF were the D-line

Frankly, if you are still confused as to how AT&T Stadium could have PREVIOUSLY been quiet but was ROCKING this past Sunday, let's use your own logic (I cringe calling it that) on your beloved Chiefs: The Chiefs were absolutely and unequivocally the worst team in football last year. Their suckitude was unmatched by any other team. Ergo, they must suck now.

Let's move on to your other points from "The Overlooked Factor That Helped The Cowboys To Defeat The Giants."

  • Jerry Jones blight of Cowboys franchise

How many Lombardis do the Hunts have in the modern era? How many did Jerry Jones bring to Dallas? No, you are absolutely right...the Chiefs management structure has proven clearly superior to the Dallas Cowboys under Jerry Jones. BTW, please note I'm not a Jerry apologist. I get the angst regarding him, but the stubborn, stupid loathing of him...well, it's stubborn and stupid.

  • Victory over Jaguars = Victory over Giants

One is competing against the Browns for worst football team over past five years...the other won two Super Bowls over that same time period. Of course, a win is a win right? Scroll down later to see when a win is more than a win (when bad teams are beaten...dizzying circular arguments)

You being excited about the potential of an undrafted rookie (IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR) is all the damning evidence I need to put this baby to rest. But seriously, Cassel's noodle arm...compared to Smith? Smith...the QB benched by Harbaugh for his weak arm? Some people might say that 30 year old QBs "Are who we thought they were!" People who haven't come to this conclusion yet are called Chiefs fans, and you'll soon realize what the rest of the world already knows...that Smith is a game manager. It's why San Fran defense had to win the games until they switched QBs...Also, the reason the SF offense wasn't potent under Smith IS BECAUSE OF HIM! (seeing as how they became quite deadly with the simple switch of a QB). Is it possible he might be potentially one of the top ten QBs in the league one year? Who knows. What is known is that he's statistically at the bottom of the heap over his career to date...

  • KC defense set to dominate teams...implied in commentary similarity to San Fran

First of all...give me a moment to catch my breath...because I can't stop laughing. Dontari Poe is the engine that makes this team go? What's more evident...his lack of effort for his entire college career? The stats from his first year? Or one game against arguably the worst team in football? Did you just compare a C (offense) to a NT (defense) after saying that defensive players cannot be compared to other defensive players in different schemes?

  • Good teams and bad teams versus bad teams

As detailed in the comments section, this is awful and flawed logic...or, consistent with the rest of your arguments. In 2012, you were barely able to squeak by two average teams. However, you very nearly beat the Super Bowl champs. Since, as demonstrated above about your being the very worst football team last year, Baltimore could only barely put you away, does this logic suggest they aren't a good team? I only ask because of the Lombardi trophy they won and all...

All that said, I look forward to a good game next week - Jamaal Charles is a beast, and you have a sick secondary (P.S. This is what drives your defense). I have to cut this short because I'm still sick from screaming my head off during the game :\

So totally worth it!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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