KD's 10-for-10 - 2013 Week #1 Update

Well, here we go. Another season of 10-for-10, and another record for participation.

Last year opened with 222 participants, our first time to ever break 100. This week saw 242; all 242 picked the Cowboys over the Giants; and, the Cowboys won. It was a good week.

In last year's Week #1 Update, I mentioned some things that would help me keep score for KD:

  • copy/paste all sixteen games - in order - into your comment box (not the subject line)
  • make your selections bold (easiest way - use *asterisks* - *like this*, with no spaces before/after your selection)
  • after you make all selections for your ten games, then remove the extra 3-6 games
  • USE PREVIEW to make sure that everything you wish to select is marked correctly
  • submit; review and fix during your ninety second edit window

If you see a mistake, and it's correctable, please reply to your comment with what needs to be fixed. There were three this week that only had nine entries counted, because they had problems with their other entry (one didn't bold; one made the entire line bold; and one only entered nine games). Each got a reply to his entry, with a plea to get back and fix it before it was too late. None of them did.

All in all, this was a great week to score, with very few formatting issues at all. Last year, there were many who didn't pick the Cowboys game. This year, everyone picked the Cowboys game, and most formatted correctly.

This year, there were not only many new 10-for-10 players, but there were an incredible number of first time BTB participants where their entry was their first comment. I have gone back into KD's contest page and rec'd and replied to everyone that I could confirm was a newbie. I know, his page is a dead thread now because everyone is focused on his report and KD's new week #2 page. But, please go back onto his page and rec and welcome all of these to BTB:

mbraunginn, MUTTS, bwo07a, Longdistance fan, Jmar17, AnderJ86, iidacii, melman88, Seatown7, Kire_V, TwoBitWhackJob, suddendeath88, Jacksmyname, kinkyslinky, Doc_J, Psycho Star, Danieltaylor54, and blakkswann.

No one scored a perfect 10-for-10 this week, although eleven came close. One, ginge159, made it all the way through Sunday night at 8-for-8, but (like all but four people) picked the Redskins in his ninth game.

The first week is often the hardest to pick, because we still think of teams as they were constructed last year. For example, New Orleans was a strong team in 2012. However, after Bountygate, they began the year without their head coach, defensive coordinator, and suspended players. Yet, we still picked them overwhelmingly to win their first three games (they lost all three).

This week, we did fairly well - picking eleven winners (majority/consensus) and picking five losers. Most of our winners were by overwhelming majorities, so our scores were good. However, four of our losers were also overwhelming as well. I fell for two of those trap games myself.

  • Cincinnati-Chicago - all we heard all pre-season is that the Bengals were on the way up this year and were taking a step to the next level; we also heard that the Bears were in disarray with all the changes that had been made - I fell for that one and took Cincinnati
  • New York Jets-Tampa Bay - this was the "easiest" game to pick - "whoever is playing the Jets" - I fell for this one
  • Tennessee-Pittsburgh - it may not bring closure for Dan Pastorini, Earl Campbell, or Bum Phillips, but it was good to see the Oilers Titans win in Pittsburgh; I actually got this one right, and do not feel that this is an upset (however, most of you...)
  • Philadelphia-Washington - let's see, gimmick offense on one side and rusty quarterback on the other; you overwhelmingly picked the reigning division champions; I stayed away from this one

You won't get all the tables in week #1, because many of them build across the season, but let me share some with you now.

Here's how we did in all sixteen games:

Week #1 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
242 DALLAS New York Giants 0
235 INDIANAPOLIS Oakland 1
230 NEW ENGLAND Buffalo 1
214 Houston SAN DIEGO 1
183 Seattle CAROLINA 8
159 Kansas City JACKSONVILLE 1
119 DENVER Baltimore 6
93 ST LOUIS Arizona 18
81 DETROIT Minnesota 23
68 SAN FRANCISCO Green Bay 7
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
4 NEW YORK JETS Tampa Bay 191
7 Tennessee PITTSBURGH 141
4 Philadelphia WASHINGTON 136
17 CHICAGO Cincinnati 68
33 Miami CLEVELAND 54
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
39 NEW ORLEANS Atlanta 33

Last year, I began tracking our 10-for-10 consensus and comparing our "picks" in each game against the Front Page Writers. "They" narrowly defeated "us" last year, finishing three games ahead on all 256 picks (168-88 to 165-91).

We are tied this year after week #1 at 11-5 each.

Here are the top scores after week #1 (KD is listing them all). Note how tightly packed the scoreboard is. There are only four points separating the best and worst scores this week.

All Scores This Week
Week #1 Score Week #1 Score Week #1 Score Week #1 Score
9_to_88 all day 9 mdlusk 8 BoydNation 7 kjohney 7
Baloo. 9 mehrans9 8 boys53 7 LJ Longoria94 7
BigHat in NewTexas 9 mikemc68 8 calmyron 7 Longdistance fan 7
BoyfromOz 9 MosesArt 8 CarloRue 7 Luc in Chile 7
Enja 9 mushpuppy 8 cOUboy12 7 lucke 7
ginge159 9 mwcowboy 8 Cowboy Joe 7 Matt Buresh 7
I am Ironman!!! 9 NCHeelsBoysFan 8 cowboyhuck 7 melman88 7
lsttexas 9 nepacowboy 8 CowboyinExile 7 mik888 7
Mikellie 9 NorthStar99 8 CowboyNeal 7 milehightexan 7
Mikhaili 9 Oh Hai Doggy 8 cowboyswin 7 MSM33 7
Trent Schoneweis 9 One.Cool.Customer 8 cproctor6 7 neon greon 7
1Bullseye 8 Pnut Gallery 8 cwby4lf 7 NerdVernacular 7
Aggie Man 8 Portland's Cowboy fan 8 damnarab2 7 nicomachus 7
Allan Uy 8 Realist Larry 8 dcfnlv 7 Nord15 7
Babygirl71 8 Rex Pfister 8 DEL1SLE 7 Panzer84 7
behind.enemylines 8 rhodri2112 8 Doc_J 7 Pasipple 7
boys.camncrew 8 Samuel_L_Bronkowitz 8 DoomsDay Dub 7 philgrek 7
bwo07a 8 scotscowboyfan 8 dsmith12 7 Rajohnnn 7
Canadian Cowboy_74 8 Seatown7 8 DWFCOWBOYS 7 revellyre 7
CDMac24 8 skinny post 8 Farrah's Daddy 7 Rummob 7
Chad Loveland 8 slowmotion80 8 fs65 7 safwant 7
ChrisMan 8 Souna21 8 gabrielau23 7 Scurrah Jurrah 7
cjbrit 8 Specific 8 GeorgeSull4 7 Sean N 7
connor.cmr 8 spur_for_life 8 godspeed.dan 7 Sean Sullivan 7
cowboy1966 8 StarloverinWNC 8 GordBerl 7 shainyc 7
CowboyBaby 8 swanhooch 8 Hookem Up 7 Smax17177 7
cowboyjohn 8 TheBlueBaron 8 HurrahKaramazov 7 SoCalCowboysFan12 7
CowboysBarry 8 Timmy G 8 iidacii 7 spm01 7
cowdog 8 traceabides 8 InkedKing 7 suddendeath88 7
D_Carter 8 Travlr 8 Jacksmyname 7 T Zig 7
Dalai Luke 8 Useful_Idiot_ 8 jakezze01 7 Tallgrass Prairie 7
DCB* 8 Vector_41 8 jamesvb 7 Tennessee_Jed 7
EchoEcho 8 Wreck'emCowboys 8 jayrosser27 7 TheDemolitionDan 7
FromtheDarnknessAtMeadowlands 8 zigg6411 8 JDobermans 7 thepainster 7
Hepennypacker 8 IHeartDaBoys 7 Jessy S 7 TheYoungin_DT 7
HonorTheStar 8 illcowboy 7 JJ for President 7 Through Thick And Thin 7
hookerhome 8 Kire_V 7 j-man 7 TK19 7
Howleyesque 8 @Tonekupone 7 Jmar17 7 tsylvest 7
IRONRAVEN 8 88Deztined46 7 Joe Ferraiola 7 TwoBitWhackJob 7
Jebediah Flibberbrush 8 Alpha 7 Johnny Cage 7 VictoryorDeath 7
jockmeister 8 Antonio S 7 jstaubach 7 VinnieMac 7
Jojowalker 8 Audrate 7 jtiddahr 7 WA_Cowboy 7
Kansas Cowboy 8 bcomets 7 Junkyard Dog 7 westmodelmarket 7
KD Drummond 8 beastygaming 7 k@s! 7 wildtigger2 7
Lajitas Lava 8 Bertangalo 7 Kegbearer 7 wittenfan 7
letsgtld 8 BigBad Joe 7 kelub 7 ziggy 19 7
LoboTX 8 BishopWest 7 kethry1313 7 45 tied with 6
Max2 8 bookiebuster 7 kinkyslinky 7 7 tied with 5

Finally, after hearing the grumbling this week, I have taken liberty to remodel KD's 10-for-10 Hall of Fame. Everyone who has scored 10-for-10 is a member. I have added one wing to all for an extra layer of recognitions. I almost named the wings after the levels of graduation diplomas - degree, degree cum laude (with honors), degree magna cum laude (with high honors), and degree summa cum laude (with highest honors).

I didn't do that, but here is a remodeled Hall of Fame. The Wing of Champions is still for multi-week achievements (overall season champions and Playoff 10-for-10s). There is a new Wing of Achievement to recognize three or more 10-for-10s, and the Wing of Honors recognizes those that have scored at least two 10-for-10s. Everyone else who has one is included, as "member" (note - I am still not there; I have to buy a ticket to gain admission).

Here is the newly configured KDP 10-for-10 Hall of Fame:

KDP's 10-for-10 HALL OF FAME
Member Wing of Champions Member Wing of Champions
BishopWest 2010 Regular Season Overall Champion Mikellie 2011 Perfect Playoffs - 7-for-7
Jebediah Flibberbrush 2011 Regular Season Overall Champion CowboyBaby 2012 Regular Season Overall Champion
Member Wing of Achievement Member Wing of Achievement
@Tonekupone Three-time 10-for-10 Hookem Up Three-time 10-for-10
ChrisMan Three-time 10-for-10 Portland's Cowboy fan Three-time 10-for-10
D_Carter Three-time 10-for-10
Member Wing of Honor Member Wing of Honor
Aggie Man Two-time 10-for-10 j-man Two-time 10-for-10
behind.enemylines Two-time 10-for-10 jstaubach Two-time 10-for-10
Ben24626 Two-time 10-for-10 mdlusk Two-time 10-for-10
BishopWest Two-time 10-for-10 Nord15 Two-time 10-for-10
boys.camncrew Two-time 10-for-10 Rex Pfister Two-time 10-for-10
cproctor6 Two-time 10-for-10 True Blue-liever Two-time 10-for-10
HLCJ69 Two-time 10-for-10 wittenfan Two-time 10-for-10
Member Member Member Member Member Member
Aaron Burtram CapitalT Frankster_1 JLMax09 Pasipple Travlr
Against the Wall-24 CDMac24 ginge159 Johnny Cage revellyre Tuna Helper
altanti cee-los Hobbes42 k@s! Rummob Uncas
Antonio S cjbrit I am Ironman!!! KD Drummond Scurrah Jurrah Unique
Archie Barberio Cowboy Joe ibleedcowboyblue krikaley skinny post WA_Cowboy
bcg08 CowboyBaby illcowboy meisternance slowmotion80 Yellowbeard
beastygaming Cowboys_Attack jakezze01 milehightexan SoCal Cowboys
BigBad Joe Damnsammit jazzbo251 MSM33 Specific
BoydNation demarcus94 JDobermans mushpuppy TARHEEL PAUL
boyman eastbeast Jebediah Flibberbrush oldboysfan Timmy G

KD listed in his week #1 contest page everyone who had ever scored 10-for-10, sorted by name. Let me give you the same information, but sorted by date. Note the meteoric rise in perfect scores, as more people play and as they play more skillfully.

Every 10-for-10 (sorted chronologically)
Member 10-for-10 (Year-Wk) Member 10-for-10 (Year-Wk) Member 10-for-10 (Year-Wk)
jstaubach 2010-11 cee-los 2012-07 ChrisMan 2012-11
I am Ironman!!! 2011-02 cproctor6 2012-07 cjbrit 2012-11
mdlusk 2011-02 D_Carter 2012-07 Cowboy Joe 2012-11
Travlr 2011-02 Frankster_1 2012-07 CowboyBaby 2012-11
Damnsammit 2011-03 Hookem Up 2012-07 cproctor6 2012-11
Rummob 2011-03 illcowboy 2012-07 D_Carter 2012-11
@Tonekupone 2011-12 jakezze01 2012-07 eastbeast 2012-11
Antonio S 2011-12 jstaubach 2012-07 ginge159 2012-11
Archie Barberio 2011-12 k@s! 2012-07 Hawkeye101 2012-11
bcg08 2011-12 KD Drummond 2012-07 HLCJ69 2012-11
Ben24626 2011-12 krikaley 2012-07 Hobbes42 2012-11
BishopWest 2011-12 milehightexan 2012-07 Hookem Up 2012-11
CDMac24 2011-12 Nord15 2012-07 ibleedcowboyblue 2012-11
Cowboys_Attack 2011-12 Portland's Cowboy fan 2012-07 JDobermans 2012-11
D_Carter 2011-12 slowmotion80 2012-07 j-man 2012-11
demarcus94 2011-12 TARHEEL PAUL 2012-07 Johnny Cage 2012-11
HLCJ69 2011-12 Timmy G 2012-07 meisternance 2012-11
Hookem Up 2011-12 True Blue-liever 2012-07 MSM33 2012-11
jazzbo251 2011-12 Unique 2012-07 mushpuppy 2012-11
Jebediah Flibberbrush 2011-12 WA_Cowboy 2012-07 oldboysfan 2012-11
JLMax09 2011-12 altanti 2012-09 Pasipple 2012-11
mdlusk 2011-12 behind.enemylines 2012-09 Portland's Cowboy fan 2012-11
Portland's Cowboy fan 2011-12 ChrisMan 2012-09 revellyre 2012-11
Tuna Helper 2011-12 Rex Pfister 2012-09 Rex Pfister 2012-11
wittenfan 2011-12 @Tonekupone 2012-11 Scurrah Jurrah 2012-11
boyman 2012-01 Against the Wall-24 2012-11 skinny post 2012-11
j-man 2012-04 Aggie Man 2012-11 SoCal Cowboys 2012-11
@Tonekupone 2012-07 beastygaming 2012-11 Specific 2012-11
Aaron Burtram 2012-07 behind.enemylines 2012-11 True Blue-liever 2012-11
Aggie Man 2012-07 BigBad Joe 2012-11 Uncas 2012-11
Ben24626 2012-07 BoydNation 2012-11 wittenfan 2012-11
BishopWest 2012-07 boys.camncrew 2012-11 Nord15 2012-15
boys.camncrew 2012-07 CapitalT 2012-11 ChrisMan 2012-17

There was only one perfect 10-for-10 in all of 2010. There were 24 in 2011, including two by one player (mdlusk) and one week where the stars aligned and nineteen players scored 10-for-10 in that same week. 2012 had 74 perfect scores, including two record-setting weeks (26 in week #7 and 40 in week #11), and one player (ChrisMan) scoring three 10-for-10s in half a season.

If you count all of them up, the Hall currently has ninety-nine members. I wonder what grand prize KD will have for member #100. My suggestion - an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington and be his guest at the Cowboys-Redskins game at FedEx Field.

I still owe CowboyBaby and all the 2012 participants my recap FanPost. It is in the works, but hasn't happened yet.

KD has finished his Week #2 contest, so there is no need for me to take picks on here this week. Make your week #2 picks here on KD's new page. To everyone who made "Thursday Game Only" picks for this week on the week #1 contest page, fret not. I will make sure that they are counted.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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