What, If Anything, Should We Expect Out Of Brian Waters This Week?

Will this be the weekend that Brian Waters exchanges his suit for a Cowboys jersey? - Rob Carr

Cowboys fans were elated when Dallas signed the veteran guard, but are expectations for Brian Waters' immediate impact a little premature?

With the plethora of issues that the Dallas Cowboys have experienced at guard over the past few seasons, it is understandable that fans would be excited to see Brian Waters take the field as soon as possible. A more realistic approach would be to allow the former Pro Bowl player to work himself back into the game at his own pace. That is what it seems like the Cowboys are going to do; speaking on his weekly radio show, team owner Jerry Jones stated that he was amazed by some of the things that Waters was able to do and that he thought there was a chance that Waters could be seeing his first playing time in two seasons when the Cowboys take the field against the Kansas City Chiefs. It is important to note that Jerry made it clear that "there is a chance that he could play some" and nothing more.

The consensus among the pundits seems to be that Waters will be taking the field at some point Sunday, but that he will not be making the start. Where things become a little vague is the amount of action he will see. In an effort to find an answer to that question, I broached the topic with Bryan Broaddus of the mothership. In response to my question about the Cowboys using a similar rotation to the one we saw with Doug Free and Jermey Parnell, Bryan had this to say:

Obviously, there is still not a clear picture of what Dallas has in mind for Waters' immediate future. The most important thing is that Brian Waters knows that, whatever the Cowboys' plans, the football gods have a way of disrupting the intentions of a coaching staff. He was in this same situation when he joined the New England Patriots at the beginning of the 2011 regular season. Speaking of that experience, Waters let us know that the unexpected can, and often does, happen on the gridiron.

"I had a situation in New England [2011] where I went into the game and it was going to be 30 plays and guy breaks his leg and I ended up being 68 plays. I don’t want to get my mindset wrapped around how many plays, if I start or not. I just want to be ready to go and [be] ready to answer the bell, no matter how many plays. If they ask, if I have the opportunity to play."

While I find it highly unlikely that Waters and the Cowboys do not have an idea of exactly how much work he will be getting in on Sunday, I am not surprised that they are playing it close to the vest. That is the way that Jason Garrett runs things in Dallas, and Waters isn't giving anything away either.

"I did more than I did last week," said Waters when asked if he practiced.

"I did more than I did last week," he repeated when asked if he got first-team reps.

And what about him playing at all this week?

"I have no idea. That’ll be coach’s call. I’m just preparing myself the best I can.

If nothing else, Brian Waters fits right in as a disciple of The Way Of The Rooster. He is working hard, he is putting the team's needs ahead of his personal desires, and he is prepared for the opportunities that will come his way.

Now it is your turn. How much action are you expecting out of Brian Waters this Sunday?

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