Cowboys @ Chiefs 2013 Week 2


After a strong start to the season in week 1, the Cowboys hope to follow up their 36-31 win over NY with another win against the Chiefs in week 2. Last year, Dallas was in a similar situation. After upsetting NY in week 1, the Cowboys could not handle the success and fell flat on their faces vs the Seahawks. This time, Dallas gets another shot to start off the season 2-0.


-Brian Waters will be the starting right guard

-Jamaal Charles will be a full go

-Spencer will be limited

-Williams will still be the third receiver

Biggest Match Ups

Dwayne Bowe vs Brandon Carr: The Cowboys allowed too many big plays to receivers last week, allowing the Giants their first game with 3 receivers go over 100 yards. Brandon Carr is the Cowboys best player in the secondary and it will be his job to take Bowe out of the game. Carr has the skills to do it, and expect him to not allow Bowe many yards. However, a touchdown catch or two for Bowe and a couple key plays makes him the winner. Winner: Bowe

Dez Bryant vs Brandon Flowers: Brandon Flowers is a corner that is very underrated and 5 times better than Prince Amukamara. The Giants didn’t give Bryant any one on one chances, but with Flowers covering Bryant, the Chiefs will take some shots. Bryant is too good against one on one no matter who the corner is, and Romo will take advantage of that. Flowers will have a good day as part of the double coverage, but in single coverage, Flowers will give up some plays. Winner: Bryant

Quarter by Quarter

Q1: The Cowboys will get the ball first and hit a wall of a defense. It will be a sloppy, punt filled first quarter with limited offense and no scoring.

Q2: The Chiefs get the first solid drive going in the beginning of the second quarter. Bowe has a 15 yard catch on third down to keep a drive going, and slow but steady progress by Charles carries the Chiefs to the redzone. From the 10. The Chiefs run a short pass to Bowe who makes a contested catch against Carr for the first score. Chiefs lead 7-0. Romo still can’t get the offense going and the Cowboys punt again. The Cowboys get the ball back on the strength of the defense, but Romo makes a mistake, trying to force the ball into a short window to Austin, and it is picked off by Sean Smith. The Chiefs take advantage of the riled up crowd and field position, taking it into the redzone. However, on third down, Hatcher gets the sack and the Chiefs only get a field goal, extending their lead to 10-0. The Cowboys get a little more going after that as Romo and Austin start carrying the offense. They get down the field but only come away with a field goal. There is no more scoring for the half, and the Cowboys go to halftime trailing 10-3.

Q3: The Chiefs get the ball to start the second half and the offense runs too good. Jamaal Charles has a big run, Bowe takes catch to the Cowboys 30 and Dallas is in hot water. But George Selvie continues to make his name and adds sack number 2 of the season to his resume, stalling the drive and forcing another field goal. The Chiefs now lead 13-3. On their first possession of the third quarter, Dallas finally seems to completely open up the offense. A couple short runs sets up a pass. Romo drops back and bombs it to Austin who makes the catch in stride before he’s dragged down by Sean Smith for a 55 yard gain. Bryant takes a slant inside the 5, and from a goal line situation, Bryant makes a back shoulder fade catch over Flowers for the Cowboys first TD and narrows the score, 13-10. On the ensuing Chiefs possession, that ballhawking defense comes to life, as a short out route to Fasano is read and picked by Lee, who stumbles out of bounds. Dallas marches down the field and Romo throws his second TD of the game, a short slant to Austin, and Dallas takes the lead, 17-13. Alex Smith takes command, driving down for a field goal before the quarter ends, 17-16.

Q4: Dallas starts with the ball and after a short drive, Dallas punts the ball away. The Chiefs drive down to midfield, before the Dallas defense makes another big play; Smith’s pass is tipped at the line, and Carter comes swooping in. He juggles and bobbles, but finally secures the loose ball and has a clear track down for the Cowboys third defensive TD of the year, and the Cowboys extend to a 24-16 lead. The Chiefs drive back down, and with 6 minutes left, hit a field goal to make it a 24-19 game. Dallas punts again and KC has the ball with just a few minutes to go. After getting to the Dallas 25, the Chiefs face a fourth down and 8. Smith struggles to find someone, dumps it to Charles, but he is swarmed for just a 3 yard gain and Dallas regains possession. With hard running, Dallas gains a couple first downs and run out the rest of the clock for a 24-19 victory.


Romo: 18/29, 210 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Murray: 25 rush, 105 yards, 2 rec, 20 yards

Witten: 4 rec, 35 yards

Austin: 5 rec, 65 yards

Bryant: 7 rec, 70 yards, TD

Selvie: 2 tackles, 1 sack

Ware: 3 tackles, 1 sack

Smith: 23/35, 230 yards, 1 TD

Charles: 24 rush, 125 yards, 4 rec, 35 yards

Bowe: 4 rec, 55 yards, 1 TD

Houston: 5 tackles, 1 sack

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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