Putting Things In Perspective

Could it be? Is the Doomsday coming back to Dallas?

I for one was really impressed with the Cowboys recent victory over the New York Giants. I saw a defense I had never seen before. A swarming, fast one that could put the doomsday back in the Dallas D. And 5 turnovers is nothing to shake your stick at. And I do not for one second believe they were "gift wrapped" those turnovers were earned. And the final score is a lot closer than it really is. In reality take away the garbage time TD with 18 seconds left where we played zero defense so the Giants had to eat up as much clock as possible, and we win by 12. Not a blowout, but not one of those games that we barely won by the skin of our teeth. We also did something we never did once last season. Maintain a lead throughout the entire game. We never trailed not once. Now there are things that could be improved upon like the offense taking advantage of turnovers earlier and getting more than 3 points to show for them, as well as the secondary getting tightened up a little. But just because we didn't win 28-2 does not mean it was an ugly win.

So why am I recapping last weeks game? Because it seems almost everyone in the mainstream sports media seems to have forgotten about it. The story was more about how the Giants lost the game rather than how we won it. They attributed half of the turnovers or all to blind luck, blamed David Wilson and Da'Rell Scott, and under no circumstances put the blame on Sir Eli Manning since he put up gaudy numbers against a prevent defense and threw for 450 yards and 4 TDs. But he also threw 3 picks and the last one was as much on him as it was on his backup running back. More people seemed to be pointing out Dez's less than spectacular game and how it affected their fantasy leagues.

Looking forward to this Sunday's matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, I want to put some things in perspective. The Dallas defense was not a sieve as it is made out to be by ESPN. In the first half the Defense shut down the high powered Giants offense and made them look like Jacksonville Jaguars. It not for a blown coverage in the secondary you'd be looking at a near shutout. As soon as the team went up by 17 in the third quarter the Defense for whatever reason slowed things down sent their safeties way deep and took it easy. So because of that Manning went off. But when the defense needed to get a stop in the fourth quarter they did. They seemingly turned off the lights on the Giants offense at will. And much is being made of the Chiefs fearsome front seven and the unstoppable unblockable Dontari Poe, but how about some love for our front seven? We took guys from the street in Nick Hayden and George Selvie and absolutely tore a new one into the Giants offensive line. Yes, the Giants were starting some rookies and a few linemen were out of position, but it doesn't change the fact that we dominated that line. Sacked Eli 3 times, forced 5 turnovers, piked eLOL 3 times, and got consistent pressure on the quarterback whether we were blitzing or rushing 3 or 4 defensive linemen. The only thing that seemed to slow down the pass rush was offensive holding. Which was not called for the majority of the game.

I don't care what anyone says that is impressive. Especially when you consider in the fact that this team switched to a new defensive philosophy in the off season and seemed to be grasping it as well as a seasoned vet. Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli are names that will gain notoriety and fame this season. This defense is for real. Don't let one game fool you. Turnovers will continue to come, sacks will arrive in bunches, and wins will be marked off in the win column.

Does this guarantee a win on Sunday? I'm no Joe Namath so no, it certainly does not. I just wanted to shine a light on our underrated D-Line for a little bit. And the line is getting even stronger this Sunday with the addition of Anthony Spencer back in the line up. This defensive line has every bit of a chance to be as "dominant" as the Chiefs front seven, because of the teachings of Kiffenelli. And the other line on the team wasn't chopped liver either. The Cowboys offensive line was less "offensive" than it was at any point last year. Other than the nasty hit on Romo in the second quarter Romo was kept upright for the majority of the game. He wasn't sacked until the fourth quarter and that was on back to back plays, one of which was a coverage sack where Tony just ate it and took the sack. McKenzy was the weakest link however and he will be replaced by veteran all pro guard Brian Waters who by reports in practice is a brick wall. The point is that this Offensive line has the potential to be the best Romo has had since 2007 or even better. Romo with that extra second is deadly for opposing defenses.

I know it's just been one game. But it has been for the Chiefs as well. People are picking them as sleeper picks for playoff berths, going ga ga over their defense, and praising Alex Smith for just driving the bus and making few mistakes. Well Romo drove the bus for once last weekend and that is a scary sight to see. If Romo is taking what the defense is giving him and not playing hero ball. That means his team isn't behind and playing catch up and he has a defense he can trust. All this hooplah over how Romo is a turnover machine? His career turnover ratio is exactly the same as Alex Smith's. 2.8 percent. I'm a little worried about rust or his ability to make all the throws with bruised ribs, but he made all the throws with accuracy and velocity in the second half of the 49ers game where he played with a punctured lung. Which also happens to be the last time the Cowboys faced Alex Smith. I can only hope for the same end result minus the overtime and punctured lung of course.

This team isn't last years team, and neither is this year's Chiefs. But let's not devalue what this team has accomplished so early in the season. The Giants haven't had a 6 turnover game in 25 seasons. Focus on the present not the past. I just wish that mainstream media could do the same thing, and put their personal bias aside and put things in perspective.

Oh. and one more thing before I forget...




Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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