Start'Em Or Sit'Em? Fantasy Advice For Those Cowboys On Your Roster

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So you're sitting there with a bunch of Cowboys on your fantasy team. Good job! Now, what should you do with them?

Fantasy Footballers, consider this your open fantasy thread for the week! Ask your questions here, and do your fellow BTB members a service and return to provide your insights to their questions as well. After all, what point is being part of the community if you don't interact!

By now, everyone has their eye on their Week One starting lineups for Fantasy Football. Myself, I have both eyes, plus alerts set up on my smart phone, plus Lil' KD scanning the scrolls of NFLN, FoxSports1 and ESPN for late-breaking information. Somehow though, that last one always turns into marathons of Chica and Star on Sprout Channel. Hard to find good help these days.

So what are you going to do with those Cowboys you were fortunate enough to get onto your roster? For the most part, unless you play in a league with non-standard rosters, you are at least going to start the guys you drafted in rounds 1-6 every week they aren't on a bye. If they aren't, then you should probably rethink your drafting strategy.

That means that Dez Bryant is a lock, every week. I know, brain science and rocket surgery. I have him exploding during Week 1 with 11 catches, 140 yards and at least one TD catch.

What about the other players? If you have more than two running back slots (2 + flex, or 3 RBs) than DeMarco Murray is a no-brainer as well. If you only have two running back slots, then things get a little more interesting. It's always scary as we don't know what the Cowboys will do late if they get a big lead. They should run, but will Murray get all of those carries, or will we see Tanner and Randle? Will Tanner steal goal-line duties?

The Giants were a bottom-third team against RBs per Football Outsiders' DVOA model in 2012. They have improved their LB corps, however. I'd personally put Murray as a RB3 for this week projecting 80 yards and no scores, but adding in 4 catches for 40 yards which bumps him a bit in PPR. I think Tanner gets a rushing score, but not much yardage.

Miles Austin for me is a great play as a WR3 this week and a possible WR2 in deeper leagues. I think he gets his 80 yards and a better chance at scoring a touchdown than not.

I'm down on Jason Witten this week, as the Giants normally do a good job of defending the tight end. 7 catches for 60 yards and no scores. With the tight end pool so watered down though, WItten is almost assuredly your best option there. If he's backed up by let's say Brandon Myers of the Giants or Delanie Walker of the Titans though, consider that. Opposing TE's beasted out against Dallas and Pittsburgh last year.. could be worth the risk.

I expect a great game out of Tony Romo this weekend. 330 yards and at least two touchdowns with a lone interception. Without knowing the new and improved stout defenses of 2013, you figure that your going to start the first QB you selected in Week 1. If that wasn't Romo and you have him as your backup, consider starting him ahead of Eli Manning and Colin Kaepernick, but not before guys like Peyton, Brady and Brees.

I wouldn't look to be playing any of the Cowboys backups at this point of the season.

As for the defense, I'd probably look to this Sunday's performance to indicate whether or not you should put in a claim for Dallas' D/ST. Should they continue the preseason trend of creating turnovers, jump on them quickly.

So, that's my take on Cowboys players, what side of Fantasy Football do you want to discuss?

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