Revisiting the 2014 Cowboys Salary Cap Situation

It is time to revisit the cap for the Boys for next year. Now that the 53 has been set, for now, I will play Steven Jones and see how I can make it fit for 2014.

First, here are the previous versions from last spring.

Here are the basic #'s as of right now according to Spotrac.

We are looking at a total cap figure of $144,973. That includes $2,639702 in dead money. The cap should end up being about $126M, if it doesn't take a big jump some analysts claim it will. For now, we will assume the modest increase that it has been doing instead.

To get to this figure will not be easy, but it is time to work at doing so. First I am going to make the cuts. Sorry Rat, you have been a great player, but your age, injury history and $ are too much. By cutting Rat I incur $6.928 in dead $, but I am making him a June 1st cut, so this year I "save" on the cap $5.5164M. Next cut is Kyle Orton, he will "save" me $.995M, I hope Tanney is ready for the backup spot. Next in line is Nate Livings, I save $1.335M. Now up to Jeremy Parnell I cut/trade him, (Weems really stepped up didn't he?) I save $1.5M here. Next I cut/trade Bernie; this saves me $.9258M. Next is Justin Durant, our 6th round LB really is looking good, so I cut Durant and save $1.25M. I was going to cut/trade Wilberforce, but I am instead going to leave him in as a salary place holder. I am now done with cuts and my cap is at $133.45M. I still have a ways to go.

First, I don't want to do it, but I have to restructure Romo. I am taking $12M off of his base pay to save $9.56M. All of a sudden I am at $123.89M on my cap for 2014. That should be at least $2M under the limit. But I will need to resign a few players, plus a couple of FA's and my rookie pool. So I probably need another $10M or so. I am going to restructure Witten and take $4M off of his base pay. That will save me $3M; this gets me down to $120.89M. Which leaves me about $5-$5.5M in free space, however I don't get Rat's June 1st part back till that time, so while I am maybe under the cap and I have no $ to spend till June 1st. That means I can't resign my own FA's, much less any others. It also means I can't sign the draft picks till June 1st, like usual. I don't want to, but I have to restructure Ware. I will take $8M off of Ware's base pay. That would give me $6.M in space to sign/resign people. That isn't a lot and people we need to resign are Darth Bailey, Chris Jones, as well as possibly Bosworth, Silvie and Cohen depending on how they look this year.

If I add all that up I am at $114.89M, $11M under the cap for signing/resigning vets and the rookie pool, which should cost about $5.5M or so. I will sign the rookies when I get Rat's $ on June 1st.

$5.5M isn't much for signing/resigning FA's, but if you notice I never rolled over any $ from 2013. Right now according to Over the Cap we have $2,645,694 in cap space free. We will do some roster churn during 2013 for injuries if nothing else. All of that won't still be there in 2014 but I am assuming at least ½ of it will. That would bring us up to about $7M in cap space for FA time and $113M total spent with about $13M under the cap. That isn't a lot and if necessary they can rework more deals like Lee's, but for this exercise it will suffice.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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