2013 Cowboys - Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Perspective is a funny thing. Depending on whether you are a glass half empty type (read Eagles fan) or glass half full (BTB homer), your perspective on the Cowboys 2013 team may be entirely different.


Half-full: No-one doubts his desire to win, no saving $$ with the J-man, only the best for his Cowboys.

Half-empty: Interfering old owner who constantly manages to put his foot in his Head Coaches mouth.

Dallas Defence

Half-full: going to be vastly improved over the mass of confusion that was the Ryan scheme. Will be fundamentally sound and early indications on turnovers are positive: 10 in 5 preseason games vs 16 in 16 - doubled the rate! Strong set of starters, including 4-5 potential All-Pros and a pair of brilliant defensive coaching minds to lead and teach them (three if you count Sean Lee...)

Half-empty: its going to take more than a season to get used to the new scheme - and some of the players may not fit it as well as the 3-4: the DTs aren't good enough for the scheme, the DE's will get pounded and the corners don't tackle well enough. Minimal depth across the board means that injuries will be damaging - and the two star linebackers are made of glass.


Half-full: Statistically speaking, up there with the league leaders and with the best that have ever played the game. Exceptional escapability, makes his O-Line look better than they are, isn't afraid to take a hit. His great 4th qtr stats contradict the notion of him not being good in the clutch. Maybe its been his receivers that haven't been clutch, stopping on a route, losing a ball in the lights... with Dez this year that will change. A very likable guy with a UDFA Cinderella story who you want to win a championship - who despite being the starting QB for the Cowboys, stops to help an old couple change a tire.

Half-empty: He may have the statistics, but you can always count on him to blow it in the big game.


Half-full: Continuity. Last year EVERY POSITION on the line changed from the year before and the starting line didn't take a single snap in a game together - and then only lasted 3 snaps into the season. Smith is in his 2nd year at LT, Free seems to be regaining form. Fredbeard is a smart guy, has learned quick and from day 1 showed the ability to be the brains of the line - taking the pressure off Romo and reducing the mental errors on the line as a whole. Leary is an upgrade and Waters is a savvy and talented RKG who as shown the ability to come in and contribute immediately (and is playing for his old coach).

Half-empty: Nothing has really changed. Added a rookie and an old guy who has been out of the league for a year, but otherwise its still all the same pool of guys, why would the line be any better? And instability at 3 of the 5 positions through the pre-season.

Dez Bryant

Half-full: he is going to dominate any opponent one-on-one. Will draw coverage away from the likes of Austin, Witten & Co, opening up the field for them.

Half-empty: Hmmm... he wears his pants too low and fights with his mother?!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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