10 Reasons Why Our Players Are Better

Reason #10 - Because Wisconsin boys are big

 photo hayden_zps402b0119.png
Nick Hayden is my new pet cat. In fact, I will be calling him Starsky just for the sole sake of being able to refer to our defensive tackles as "Starsky & Hatch." While he won't be spectacular he should be very solid in the middle and he has one big advantage over Jay Ratliff - he plays.

Reason #9 - Because this guy is more fun to watch than Felix Jones

 photo dunbar_zps45e8f603.png
Lance Dunbar is a perfect "change of pace" running back and he fits so nicely in our passing games. We got a taste of what he can do in the open field in the preseason and now we are salivating at the mouth wanting more. Sorta like that Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football promo we got a glimpse of.

Reason #8 - Because we finally have a legitimate guard

 photo waters_zps1a1daba7.jpg
This offseason we have remodeled our entire starting interior line. And it's a good thing too, because it was in pretty bad shape. There are plenty of reasons to be optistic about our offensive line, but adding a veteran Pro Bowler to the mix is certainly a big one.

Reason #7 – Because we have better options at WR3 than Kevin Ogletree

 photo beasley_zps5d2a0b8b.jpg
We have been missing WR depth for quite some time. Players like Sam Hurd, Jesse Holley, and Kevin Ogletree are just a few of the pass catchers we’ve had to rely on in recent years. The Cowboys have a handful of guys this season that are more viable choices. And each guy brings something different. I think Cole Beasley’s ability to get open will be a huge plus for us this season.

Reason #6 – Did I mention Wisconsin guys are big?

 photo frederick_zps2708a7fa.jpg
And the ones with beards are smart too. Everything about this guy impresses me. I have already to put to rest any notion that drafting this guy was a mistake.

Reason #5 – Because this guy isn’t done being awesome

 photo austin_zps9812c849.jpg
As long as defenses are only allowed to use 11 players our opponents are going to have trouble keeping everyone covered. Miles Austin should benefit nicely from this. I expect to see him open a lot.

Reason #4 - Because these guys are ready to be stars in this league

 photo bruceleemo_zpse28625f6.jpg
Bruce Lee, Finding LeeMo, whatever you want to call them - these young guys are playmakers. The only thing standing in their way is health. If they can avoid injury they should produce at high levels this year.

Reason #3 - Because he’s already a star in this league

 photo ware_zps70761205.jpg
18 sacks? 19? 20? Are you in on the pool yet? I expect a career year for DeMarcus Ware. He’s bigger, he’s in the right role, and I think our other three starting rushmen are a little more formidable than some realize – and that will keep opposing offensive lines on their heels.

Reason #2 - Because he finally has that extra half second he was asking for

 photo romo_zps5e4aa249.jpg
He’s got weapons, he’s got stronger blockers, and he’s still got escapability. Tony Romo is going to be very dangerous this season. I know it is important to get a sound running game going, but when the chips are on the table we are going to play to our strengths – and our biggest strength is Romo airing it out.

Reason #1 - Because this guy

 photo dezbefore_zps6c869236.jpg

….has grown up

 photo dezafter_zps44901ac0.jpg
The kid has clearly turned a corner. He is focused and ready to be something special. I expect us to be Dez’ing it early and often. He will be our bread and butter and it will be delicious!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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