Hi all! My name is Christopher; I’ve been lurking on this site for a few years now, but have always been afraid I’d become even more addicted if I ever signed up to comment. However, the most amazing thing has happened to me, thanks to Lady Luck and my darling sister-in-law, and I simply must share it with you all =)

I AM GOING TO THE DALLAS COWBOYS SEASON OPENER!!! This Sunday…and I’m simply stoked…I’m shaking from excitement as I write this. I’ve always secretly wanted to go to a Dallas Cowboys game, but I was always afraid the seats would be a combination of too expensive and too far away from the action to get a much better view than I could get from my couch. So, this will be my first Cowboys game…ever!

It all started when my sweetheart of a S-I-L got her hands on four tickets to the fifth and final preseason game last week against Houston. My wife and father were both super excited, and we made our plans accordingly…who cared about the starters not being there – we were getting to go the newly minted AT&T Stadium. Plus, subs vs. subs – roster bubble players are my favorite...who doesn’t love their heart and grit?

However, it wasn’t meant to be. The NFL guys got their wires crossed, and the tickets never came. We were disappointed; I mean, the tickets were free, so how disappointed can you really be, right? Nevertheless, I was still bummed. Little did I know my newest sister wasn’t finished working her magic. She complained to the NFL about their major snafu. She made them feel bad enough to scrounge up TWO tickets for this Sunday night’s game!!!

Of course…they weren’t done jerking us around – they naturally sent the tickets halfway across the country to the wrong address instead. We finally get it all worked out – tickets arrived on Thursday. What do I find? Not the expected nose-bleed seats. No, we are five rows from the field, in the end zone, in section 120. I still can’t believe that…I had to reread it three times just now. Plus, the stars have aligned…no pun intended… as my Dad will be able to come with me. I’ll be easy to spot – I’m sporting DWARE, and I’ll be screaming my head off like a mad man (when we’re on defense of course) =)

I know you are all huge fans just like me…but I simply couldn’t contain my excitement and had to tell ya’ll. I mean, my room was painted Dallas blue…the wallpaper, drapes, sheets, and pillows were all decked out in Cowboys stars since I can remember. Growing up, I slept under a trifecta of Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Troy Aikman trading cards that my Dad had framed for me.

I switch in-game between Ware and Romo jerseys because I believe it helps (yeah…like in the Bud Light commercials). I married a girl who’s been a Cowboy fan before she even watched pro football (we chant OK STATE every time Dez touches the ball…or Bailey kicks it). I still have every single Cowboys jersey I’ve ever worn…my little kiddos will one day get to don my Aikman jersey!

Plus, I get to go with my Dad…as rabid a fan as I am. Before I was old enough to watch the games, he enthralled me with tales of Roger the Dodger, Bullet Bob, and the Doomsday Defense. I hate Jackie Smith – a man I never saw play – for costing us that Super Bowl…and I LOATHE the Pittsburgh Steelers since well before I could spell "Pittsburgh." I actually thought "Stealers" was the name we gave them for those Super Bowls. It’ll be the first time he’s ever been to a game either. WE’RE BOTH SO TOTALLY GEEKING OUT!!! I’ll throw up another post after the game if anybody is interested….


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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