What was Awesome and What To Fix

First off, I enjoyed the win and as a fan I am completely psyched to have a win over a division rival. However, the team will need to clean up some things if they are going to win consistently. With balance in mind, here are the positives and negatives that stood out to me.

What was Awesome

Special Teams
Wow, just wow. I was really worried about special teams going in but they surprised me in a really good way. The Giants special teams looked solid in their dress rehearsal, so I think that there was actually some stiff competition last night. Looks like a potential weakness could be a strength.

Six turnovers on Defense/Special Teams
‘nuff said

Some great defensive stands in the 4th Quarter
So many people are criticizing the prevent defense late in the game. But I want to point out that the defense forced a 3-and-out and then a pick 6 in the 4th quarter. From my perspective, the defense actually played aggressively and came up with big plays when the game was still on the line.

The Giants nearly recovered the onside kick and made it look close, but even if the Giants had recovered, they still would have needed a successful Hail Mary pass. After the pick six, their odds of winning were really really low. I don’t have a problem with our defense playing prevent on that last drive.

What To Fix

More big plays on Offense
Dallas had no offensive plays 25 yards for the entire night. They absolutely need to be more explosive. I understand that sometimes you have to take the underneath stuff, but as a team, I don’t think the Cowboys are built to put together 8-12 play drives every time. The Giants absolutely out game planned our offense on Sunday.

We only drove the length of the field for a touchdown once last night. The offense got a lot of help from the defense and I’m not just talking about pick sixes. This was an area that I thought would be really strong, but I really really need to see more from the passing game.

Stop giving up big plays on Defense

I can handle giving up yardage for the most part. But if we are going to give up 10-15 yard chunks on a semi-regular basis, we had better stop the plays for over 30 yards. I believe this can be cleaned up with the secondary just understanding their coverages better.

So there you have it. While we can’t expect 6 turnovers every game, I also think we can clean up the worst of the defensive problems. No, I don’t expect a top 10 Defense in terms of yards, but I expect us to be a lot better next game. My big worry going forward is actually figuring out how to get more explosive on offense.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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