Ask a Chiefs Fan, w/ your host NigerianNightmare




The NFL season has officially begun and after Week 1, both the Chiefs and Cowboys are undefeated.

The former 2012 Chiefs were abysmal, but they showed on Sunday that they weren't that team anymore. After a blocked punt for a safety that made many of us Chiefs fans shudder in fear, the Chiefs scored 28 unanswered points in what was a complete and total dismantling of the Jacksonville Jaguars. As of right now, the Chiefs put up the biggest point differential of the week, on the backs of their #1 total defense that piled up 6 sacks (league leading),2 INT's (one pick 6 by Tamba Hali), only allowed 45 rushing yards (3 YPC) from MJD and 106 passing yards from J-Ville QB's, and we didn't have our #1 defense in for the only time the Jacksonville offense led a drive past their 50. Toss in that our offense was 3/3 in the redzone and that we are currently 5th in rushing and we aren't looking too bad.

Dallas similarly made the Giants look silly. 6 turnovers forced and a great game by Romo makes it look like the Cowboys won't be pushovers. But Manning's ability to fairly easily pass on them (when he wasn't throwing picks or handing off to fumbling running backs) and the fact they only won by 2 scores (barely) despite such an insane turnover differential leads to some question marks.

This should be a good game between teams that look pretty even. But there are questions to be asked.

How is your interior OL in your opinion? Chiefs 2nd year defensive tackle Dontari Poe turned heads in training camp and preseason and single-handedly wrecked the Jacksonville offense despite being double and triple teamed all game. The two plays where he was single-teamed he got sacks. If Dallas wants any chance at running the ball or keeping Romo off the ground they will have to stop Poe first, and we haven't seen a lineman all season/preseason who can.

How's your RT? Because a little guy named Justin Houston tossed around Luke Joeckel in the run game and had 3 sacks on Sunday.

How do you expect your run defense to be? Jamaal is Jamaal after all. He sat out the second half of the game because we were so far ahead and he still ended up with 100 all-purpose yards. Not to mention a rushing touchdown where he wasn't even close to being touched.

And finally, how do you expect Romo to do against this team. At the moment we are the #1 pass defense and our two corners shut down Jacksonville, who actually have some WR talent, completely. Also, a little guy named Eric Berry.

So answer my questions if you want to, ask some, I don't really care. I'm just glad football's back.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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