It will happen and why Jason Garrett should remain the HC

Hat tip to KD for the inspiration and title. Oh and for the idea to use Cheerleader pics in FanPosts...



First of all, I don’t think JG is the greatest HC or without flaws. So please keep that in mind as you consider my opinions.

Anyone who accuses me of blind homerism or failing to see the flaws in this team will be subject to storing their sun glasses in my dirty socks and listening to Yellowbeard read the entire compilation of the Nancy Drew Mysteries…with a bad French accent!

No disrespect to Gabriel intended, just in case HR reads this.

While I concede there have been boneheaded calls and game management decisions, I remind you Chip Kelly, the great one, was under fire much of the year for poor clock management and questionable decisions. Let’s take the blinders off and remember many coaches, even Bellicheat, come under fire for game decisions.

So while the masses in the world argue why JG should be fired, with validation at times, I’d like to attempt to do the same for keeping him...Ok, I got nuttin, moving on…I kid, here we go!

JG did not take over a rock bottom team. They were 11-5, 9-7 and 13-3 the years before he was forced to be the interim coach. By comparison, SF was 6-10, 8-8 and 7-9 the years prior to Jim taking over. It’s easier to improve a 7 win team than an 11 win team. Draft position alone makes it harder when you had a good record. I can’t wait to hear the screams of why this is an outrageous claim, lol.

JG appears to have convinced the FO it’s time to move on from old players who were good in their youth. He seems to get the CAP side of things and is making decisions with that in mind. There was a time when suggesting to cut Ware would be like claiming the German's bombed Pearl Harbor. Now, "cut Ware, I agree!" "German's bombed Pearl Harbor, your nuts!"



It seems like JJ accepts he can no longer reward guys based on their past or how much he likes them. Win JG.

JG appears to target specific areas of the team that need improvement and fixes it quickly. See the oline, the WR corps, the RB’s. A questionable success rate on the following but at least he attempted to fix the DB’s.

Bottom line is he understands player acquisition. He understands just because you have one great lineman, you do not necessarily have a great line. He fixes the entire squad, not just one guy.

He continuously motivates this team. Others have cited Jimmy Johnson saying the number one job of a HC is motivating players and staff JG gets this. He needs an OC but he motivates this team. They play hard for him and never quit.

JG knows how to handle the pressure and the media that comes with the gig. He also knows how to manage JJ. This is no easy task!

JG acknowledges his faults and where he needs to improve. He handles himself with the class of Landry. Every year under his lead, the team has at least attempted to address the issues this team has. Some have been more successful than others but at least he did not ignore them.

He’s not afraid to surround himself with coaches who have better resumes than he. He has multiple HC and SB winning coaches on his staff. He believes in hiring people smarter than he is.

I’ve fortified the city walls, stocked up on whiskey, women and beer! And I await the siege…

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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