State of the roster 2014, Part III

This is the third installment. I'll cover the Defensive line this time

State of the Roster 2014, Part I.

State of the Roster 2014, Part II

DE : DeMarcus Ware, $16.0mil, 2017

DE : Everette Brown, $730k, 2014

DE : George Selvie, $730k, 2014

DE : Tyrone Crawford, $734k, 2015

Ware may have seen his best days and then some. His play has consistently decreased over the last 3 years while his injuries have continually increased. Dallas could save some big time money by parting ways with the future HoFer. I personally believe it is time to move on from the Ware era.

Everette Brown was a former 2nd rounder in 2009. He has very good potential as a speed rusher, but may be too small to be an every down player. He was very good in college and is a smart guy (graduated a year early).

George Selvie. He should win the award for MVP of Dallas. He came in after not playing ball for a year and just never stopped. He may not be the flashiest, fastest, strongest or best DE, but he is consistent in his pass rush and against the run.

Tyrone Crawford. We really have no idea what his potential may be. He has taken snaps at DE and DT. He was expected to be a big part of the line rotation in 2013. Now he may be expected to become a starter in 2014.

Dallas may have as much or more of a need at DE as they have at DT.

DT : Nick Hayden, $730k, 2014

DT : Corvey Irvin, $730k, 2014

DT : Frank Kearse, $645k, 2015

DT : Ben Bass, $501k, 2014

Hayden was a very good FA pick up for the defensive line. He was able to start all 16 games! Other than that stat though, he really has no place as a starting DT in the NFL. He is weak at the point of attack and has no real pash rush. He does have a very quick first step though. He should be retained as a rotational back up.

Irvin. He was a former 3rd pick. Strangely, both he and Brown were drafted by the Panthers in 2009. He has never started in the NFL and only has 11 tackles over his career. Unless he shows up in camp, I think he was just signed to have a warm body at the position that was healthy.

Frank Kearse can flex to DE also. Another Panther at one time, he was originally drafted in the 7th by Miami in 2011. He is another unspectacular addition to a very porous middle of the line.

Ben Bass, like Crawford, was expected to be a very big part of the D-line rotation in 2013. Injury derailed that as it did the entire defensive line basically. Ben can slide outside to DE and be a force from there. He is very similar to Hatcher in athletic ability and has flashed some potential in the pre season. Expect for him to become a starter in some capacity in 2014.

All in all, The defensive line is hurting. In all actuality Dallas should draft the best DE/DT in round 1 and round 2 of the draft this year. And then they should look to acquire an aging veteran or two that may come very very cheap via FA.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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