Jason Garrett Needs Jared Abbrederis Badly

On offense, the Dallas Cowboys desperately need to become a more physical, run oriented team that wins at the line of scrimmage. The playoffs have proven that this year. Teams like this can win time of possession and protect their defense, which is critical for a Cowboys team that will be rebuilding its defensive line for the next two years, at least.

Which is why many will question why on earth I am stating that Dallas needs a lanky, red-headed receiver from Wisconsin. On the surface, it seems like a ridiculous pick for a team that needs massive help on defense and help with its offensive line.

So here is what you need to know about Abbrederis. He is 6’2, runs a 4.41, is a former quarterback, is considered to be the best route runner in the draft, is a great kick-returner and is very smart—like 4.18 GPA smart.

And right now, Walter Football has him going in round 2 or 3.

He might just be the best value at wide receiver in the draft.

The most likely team to take him is New England. This is exactly the kind of guy that Belichick would jump on late in the second round. The reason the Patriots are in the playoffs every year is that Belichick insists on drafting smart players. He finds them on teams that hide their talents a little bit so he can get them at a good value.

Wisconsin is a run-first team and they didn’t get stellar QB play last year. This has helped to suppress Abbrederis’ numbers a bit, which is the only reason he could slip to round three.

With the departure of Miles Austin, coupled with Dez Bryant’s back issues, Dallas is just one injury away from being seriously undermanned at wide receiver, which as we know, will bring their offense to a grinding halt.

They’ve never figured out how to scheme Bryant open against teams that insist on double-covering him. Bryant doesn’t always run great routes either, which complicates matters. If Terrance Williams were to be lost for a few games, there really is no deep threat on this team that would keep teams from taking away Dez.

Abbrederis is a guy who will learn the offense and earn Romo’s trust quickly. His blazing speed would stretch defenses and open up the run game as well, making it easier for Garrett to commit to the run. If teams insisted on stacking the box, the combination of Abbrederis, Williams and Bryant would punish them greatly.

Adding this receiver could give Dallas the best spread-running attack in the league. Imagine the cut-back lanes with Dallas going three wide plus Witten.

As an added bonus, Abbrederis is an excellent kick returner, which would give Dallas depth at a position that proved to be extremely important to this club in 2013.

It is unlikely that Abbrederis will be around in the third round (which is the earliest I can see Dallas taking a receiver, given their needs on the line) but if he does make it that far, he looks like a steal.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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