Don't Turn the Page on Norv Just Yet

As of this writing, Norv Turner has not announced a contract with the Minnesota Vikings, which means it may still be possible for Jerry to steal him away and bring him here to OC the Cowboys.

While I always appreciate all of the great writing that Dawn Macelli brings to this site, I have to disagree strongly with her latest post stating that Dallas was right not to pursue Norv.

First of all, Jerry has been awfully quiet this week and he may very well be pursuing Turner behind the scenes.

Secondly, Turners record running the Coryelle scheme absolutely blows Garrett's record away, so the idea that Dallas is better off without Turner is a non-starter with me.

Thirdly, the idea that Turner couldn't work for Garrett is conjecture. There are many instances in business and in football where an individual ends up working for someone that was previously below them in chain of command.

It's been nearly 20 years since Garrett was a backup quarterback under Norv Turner. Both men have had many jobs and many different roles throughout the country since then.

Those who claim to be certain that Garrett and Norv couldn't work together forget one very powerful, over riding rule about life in the NFL: It's about winning. First, second and third. You have to win. Which means that if you get a chance to hire the best coordinator to run your offense, you do it.

You set aside insecurities. This is football. This is a business.

And the same is true for Turner as well. He should look at Minnesota and say to himself "Are all the pieces in place to win now?" Because in Cleveland they told him it was a rebuilding year and the coaches would have time. They lied. They fired everyone after one year. Turner shouldn't desire another job with missing pieces.

In Dallas, Turner has a loaded offense to work with. Furthermore, they are already running his scheme. All he has to do is come in, take the controls and say "I'll take it from here, guys"

It may be that Minnesota is just waiting till the championship games are over to make their formal announcement that Turner is a Viking.

Or it may be that Turner is still weighing his options and Dallas is one of them.

Turner would get the most from the Cowboys offense. Not just in points scored, but in time of possession, thus sparing their defense. From 2007-2011, his offense finished in the top five in scoring. In 2010 and 2011, his offense also finished first and third in time of possession. Dallas finished 2013 ranked 25th in time of possession and dead last in offensive plays run. They hung a pathetic defense out to dry and ended up setting records for incompetence.

Dallas needs Turner. If Jerry can't see that then Dallas is in even more trouble than we thought.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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