Week 17 showed off dynamic performances by young players, including rookies

Morris Claiborne only had one stat line on Sunday, recording two tackles. The eye test, however, showed a lot of the reason why we drafted Claiborne and why he was such a vaunted prospect to begin with. Shadowing his man across the field, Claiborne has shown he is adept at man coverage, whereas Carr opposite him, seems to be lost in man coverage, rarely showing the ability to be able to turn and play the ball at the right time when in man.

Other players looked spry and useful. Gavin Escobar was drafted in the 2nd round last year to overwhelming criticism by most here, including me. However, his hands have never been questioned. He catches everything thrown his way.. But did anybody forsee his athleticism being leagues ahead of Jason Witten? I figured he would be another stiff TE type, so why waste the pick on what we already have? If Escobar is able to gain enough weight in the offseason to improve his blocking, we should actually see the double tight end package. Witten is only 31, and his skillset is going to last for likely five years at least.

I believe contrary to popular belief that the Escobar pick, as well as the Claiborne pick, COULD in time prove to be lasting and worthwhile selections. I believe that Escobar's blocking being the only X factor, he could become a full time replacement for Miles Austin, and one that helps the run game. The two tight end set is a symmetric set that does not give away which side the run is designed to go. The effectiveness of the running game out of this set could aid in play action, and the explosiveness Escobar showed on simply one play has me excited for his future on the field. Again, he was rated the top hands amongst tight ends in last years draft.

While I saw Devonte Holloman play very well, like the edge blitz to start the second half... I also saw him take questionable angles that saw him runing into his own teammates not only in the Eagles game, but on screens in the Redskins game. His performance was broken down here, as most of you probably saw’s-Eye-Final-Game-Shows-Bright-Future-For-Holloman/db046100-0aa5-4c07-9582-2f3ac8698c05 pretty good for a sixth rounder.

We need another LB, we need to upgrade the DL, consider moving Brandon Carr to Safety and get a cover corner. Carr is simply better in zone, and safety would allow him to actually make a play on the ball.

If we were able to franchise Hatcher and resign Spencer at cost, we would likely only have to spend one pick on the DL, allowing us to take a cover corner or LB in the second.

I believe that we should select a RB this year. My favorite would be De'Anthony Thomas. That is simply because I believe Joseph Randle is more of a Demarco Murray character, who loves contact. Randle needs to gain twenty pounds in the offseason to increase his power-run effectiveness. However, with that being said De'Anthony Thomas would be a speedy compliment to Lance Dunbar, and is likely to be available to us with this year's sixth round draft pick.

What does an effective draft look like to you?

1. DT

2. CB

3. LB

4. DE

5. OG

6. RB

7. ?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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