State of the roster 2014, part I

Now that the season is over, let's look at the roster. I'll do this in multiple parts and offer my thoughts on each player.

QB : Tony Romo, $13.5mil, 2019

QB : Kyle Orton. $3.5mil, 2014

With Romo coming off his 2nd back surgery in 8 months it may be time to seriously look to the future. If his surgery and recovery went well, he should have 2-4 quality starting years still. But, this is a decent draft year for QB's. Would Dallas shock the nation and take one of the top 5 at pick 16-18 with the intention of grooming him for 2 or more years?

Orton may be replaced this year also. His salary is higher than a team should expect for a back up that is not being groomed for the future.

RB : DeMarco Murray, $780k (including $25k workout bonus), 2014

RB : Joseph Randle, $542k, 2016

RB : Lance Dunbar, $570k, 2014

RB : Phillip Tanner, RFA

FB : Tyler Clutts, $645k, 2014

DeMarco Murray is a very good back, when healthy. He should remain as the starter for another year.

Randle was unimpressive. Unless someone in camp looks All Pro he will be back as the No.1 back up.

Dunbar was never given a chance to showcase himself. But what he showed in one game should have been enough to keep his spot secure.

Tanner should not be tendered. He is basically a stocky slow RB that can be churned for a cheaper rookie.

Clutts will be remembered for his fumble more so than anything else. But he did alright with a very limited time in the system. Another year and he should only get better

TE : Jason Witten, $8.4mil, 2017

TE : James Hanna, $596k, 2015

TE : Gavin Escobar, $957k, 2016

Witten is still putting up some amazing numbers. And his contract does not make it possible to trade or cut him until 2016 without a $5mil plus penalty. He developed a case of the drops he needs to fix over the off season.

Hanna has never been used as he should. He is a fast TE that can open up the middle with seam routes. He will out run 90% of LBers that would try to cover him. Dallas insisted on keeping him in to block for whatever reason.

Escobar has shown he can be a playmaker. Now the coaches just have to throw the ball his way. His blocking has progressed nicely. Another off season should greatly improve his playing strength.

WR : Dez Bryant, $3.2mil, 2014

WR : Miles Austin, $8.25mil, 2016

WR : Terrance Williams, $685k, 2016

WR : Cole Beasley, $570k, 2014

WR : Dwayne Harris, $683k, 2014

Dez will get his payday. But if Dallas was smart, they would let him go via free agency. He has too many drops and still does not take over games. He is a very good WR, but Dallas could do with a No.1 WR that brings less drama, weather real or perceived.

Dallas is stuck with Austin until 2016. The cap hit to release or trade him before then is crazy. He can still be a dominant WR, but it looks more like he will be expensive insurance for the next 2 years.

T-Will showed why Dallas took him. He is only going to get better and better. It could be argued he was the best WR taken in the draft. His numbers were right on par with Keenan Allen had he received the same amount passes.

Beasley makes plays. He is nothing special, but he fits here well.

Harris is a Pro Bowl talent ST player.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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