I trust one thing about the new Cowboys

Psychological make up is an oft over-looked quality that many, I among them, believe it contributes heavily to a prospective NFL player's success or failure in the NFL. I believe last year that this is the reason why they traded back in the first round and didn't select Shariff Floyd. It is also the reason why, I believe, Travis Frederick played beyond expectations this season.

As the mocks are being put together, the reason we will probably see surprises is because we are looking at one aspect, a hunch tells me, above all else: psychological make up.

Will the player work hard?

When trying to decide who we should endow with quite a bit of money for a young man, I believe if you were to measure one thing: "What will the player do with the money?" I believe that you will find an answer that will heavily effect whether the Dallas Cowboys will be interested in a player.

Travis Frederick would probably not change drastically in the area of PSYCHOLOGICAL makeup whether he had a million more dollars or not.

There are plenty of players who, upon recieving their pay day, decide that working hard is not necessarily their top priority. These players, whether gifted or not, do not rise to the level they could, where players who are not necessarily influenced by the almighty dollar will likely work hard to perfect their craft regardless of their paycheck.

I believe that if we go off the board with someone at a position of need - even if it is not the player we all pray for -we will come away with a player that will be second guessed by many pundits but will give us plenty of upside potential with good work ethic.

Unfortunately, there has been one aspect of this philosophy that continues to irk me... and that is that I believe that blindly following your system is not necessarily a good thing. We have suffered from this in our play calling, and it seems to me that we have been suffering from this in our draft day philosophy as well.

Because believe it or not, I believe that taking high ranking players who fall due to character issues is actually a solid go in rounds two and three, and especially four.

While it seems wildly inconsistent to pay a lesser player with better psychological makeup, but to take cheap chances on talented players without that same makeup, you would see over time that plenty of brash, cocksure players have slipped to the second third and fourth with character issues and been successful.

Now, don't let me be caught letting the tail wag the dog here, I don't believe that we should take so many character chances in this mold that we let them take over the team... Just enough to try to change their way of thinking and possibly take advantage of a psychological loophole in the psyche of a brash, heralded talent who has fallen to the fourth round... (HE HAS SOMETHING TO PROVE NOW)

I believe that would allow us to take advantage of the psychological makeup of the young athlete.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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