Bored at work, so why not mock?

I won't go into explanations of the picks, but I think they would be reasonable to the needs/wants of each team. I'll only mock up until the Boys pick, which I'll just put at 17. Just trying to see what could drop to Dallas. I will then just finish the Boys draft.

1. Houston-Jadeveon Clowney, DE-South Carolina

2. St Louis-Greg Robinson, OT-Auburn

3. Jacksonville-Blake Bortles, QB-UCF

4. Cleveland-Johnny Manziel, QB-Texas A&M

5. Oakland-Sammy Watkins, WR-Clemson

6. Atlanta-Anthony Barr, LB-UCLA

7. Tampa Bay-Jake Mathews, OT-Texas A & M

8. Minnesota-Teddy Bridgewater, QB-Louisville

9. Buffalo-Khalil Mack, LB-Buffalo

10. Detroit-Mike Evans, WR-Texas A&M

11. Tennessee-Kony Ealy, DE-Missouri

12. NYG-Eric Ebron, TE-UNC

13. St Louis-Hasean Clinton Dix, S-Alabama

14. Chicago-RaShede Hageman, DT-Minnesota

15. Pittsburgh-Kelvin Benjamin, WR-FSU

16. Baltimore-Taylor Lewan, OT-Michigan

17. Dallas-CJ Mosley, LB-Alabama

Ok, so I went with Mosley. He most likely is the BPA and at a position of need for Dallas. I think he comes in and starts ahead of Carter. Carter is in his last year, I think the coaches have lost faith in him. Carter would serve best as backup in his last year in Dallas. Mosley is smart, athletic, can defend the pass and is good in run support. The LB corp is pretty solid with Wilbur at SAM, Lee in the middle and Mosley at WILL. Then to boot Holloman, Carter and Durant are decent backups. I'm sure possibly one more LB could be added. On to the rest of the Cowboys picks.

RD2-Kareem Martin, DE-UNC

RD3-Kelcy Quarles, DT-South Carolina

RD4-Brandon Coleman, WR-Rutgers

RD5-Deandre Coleman, DT-Cal

RD7-Jeff Mathews, QB-Cornell

RD7-Marcus Williams, DB-North Dakota St

RD7-Ben Gardner, DE-Stanford

Well, hope I didn't screw things up to bad. I think it would be a fairly successful draft. I'd rather a DT in the 2nd, but don't think we'll get our wish and Donald will be there. Dallas will shoot for Martin, as his stock should rise before draft pushing him likely into the 2nd rd. Dallas still gets 2 DTs in Quarles and Coleman. They add a big WR in Brandon Coleman. For the 7th round, hard to say what to take. If Mathews drops, it would be a good pick. Williams is a 1st team FCS All American. Had 21 picks at ND St, 7 returned for TD. He's also a good return man with 2 TDs in his career. Gardner would be a good solid pick despite the injury. He had 17.5 sacks in his career for a stout Stanford defense and was a team captain. He won't make the combine but is supposed to be ready for Stanfords ProDay. If he can recover well, and Dallas gives him time he could be a steal.

Open to criticism....just glad this filled up the rest of my work day!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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