Post your or simulated mock drafts here!

These two simulators are loads of fun and allow every Cowboy fan to pretend he is the GM of the Dallas Cowboys. To keep things from getting totally ridiculous please follow a few guidelines:

1. ONLY ONE TRADE DOWN, has completely flawed trade logic and allows infinite trade-downs to collect an unlimited number of picks. Trade up as many times as you want, but limit yourself to only one trade down per mock draft.

2. NO RELOADING, will allow you to draft anyone you want if you just sit there reloading. Don't bother posting your mock if you cheated... Once you start just go through and pick from the players that fall to you. Have some pride, do a little player research and you might even surprise yourself and do better than your 'pet cat'.

3. If you like it, rec it! No this isn't a competition but you can still rec' the good stuff!


Okay, here goes my mock. I got my tail kicked! My pet D-line cats were usually gone before my pick:

16 QB DEREK CARR FRESNO STATE - lost out when all the top D-lineman were picked before my pick. Come May the Cowboys may be able to trade down if the QB's aren't selected above them. Romo just had his 2nd back surgery so we might as well take the QB that drops to us and be ready for the day he retires in 2-3 years. That strategy worked pretty well for GB.

47 WR KELVIN BENJAMIN FLORIDA STATE - Once again the top D-lineman were gone so the BPA was a 6'5" WR with incredible catch radius. Add 10-20lbs of muscle and he's probably the perfect TE for the Garrett scheme.

78 DT KELCY QUARLES SOUTH CAROLINA - 9.5 sacks for 'baby Sapp' last season this guy can pass rush all day long as a 3-tech. Our scheme is perfect for isolating him on the guard as the extra attention will go to Ware (on passing downs, and passing downs appear to be all Ware has to offer these days!).

115 DT ANTHONY JOHNSON LSU - Incredible burst, CHECK! Marinelli's kind of lineman. Raw as a passrusher but a rare athlete strong enough to threaten as a 1-tech.

146 RB KAPRI BIBBS COLORADO STATE - Wanted a S but they were all picked over. Bibbs is _fast_ and had 30 TD's last year. Could develop into the replacement for Murray in a year.

177 DT JAY BROMLEY SYRACUSE - 8 sacks for Bromley last year. Very quick player who needs to add some weight and strength to be a 3 down player. (Not bad value for a pick we really don't have - traded to KC, lol)

206 DE RON POWELL FLORIDA - top college recruit from 2010, has the quickness and agility to be a top pass rusher. Injured his knee (torn ACL) twice. 4 sacks last year and wasn't dominate last year after ACL surgery. May need 1-2 years to return to form.

208 WR L’DAMIAN WASHINGTON MISSOURI - We'll never beat all the blitzing without increasing team speed on O. Developmental WR with incrediable size and sub 4.4 speed. Needs alot of work on route running.


Have fun - post your feedback and/or mock below!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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