Criticism of 2011 Draft Based Purely on Measurables

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My ongoing mission to make a critique of Jones as GM moves on.

Most critics agree that Jerry Jones takes a lot of input from his head coaches. I'm not sure Chan Gailey agrees but It's been a hallmark of Jones since Bill Parcells.

I'm moving forward with my angle of criticizing jones, -- that he overemphasizes personality awards like "Team Leader" and over looks red flag athletic markers, causing Dallas to waste many late round picks.

I want to limit it to Drafts under Jason Garrett. Since every Head Coach does seem to get different players from Jerry Jones, I think it makes sense we calibrate the GM to the head coaching staff.

It'd be real easy for me to revisit the 2009 Draft and prove my point over and over again. I believe that draft was destroyed by the essential flaw of not eliminating players from the board with enough gusto.

Anyway I wanted to update that mission to just be the Jason Garrett era since that's the era we deal with, and what I really want is to address the current problems and take a leap forward.

So this limits me to 2011,2012 and 2013 drafts. 2010 has some easy pickings too.

Of course, its easy to point to a failed 6th round pick. It's common league wide. I'm not going to compare our team to other franchises with regards to drafting though. I'm just looking to point out players who were always going to be cut, and if I can I'll try to find a player that was still available who fit the templates of players and is still on the team that drafted him.

Now, I'm not an NFL insider. I'm using data shared by a user named BirdDog26 on about templates NFL teams use for evaluating draftable prospects. There are hard and fast "bottoms" to these stats, if a player must be 6'3 and is only 6'2, he doesn't meet the criteria, and for this particular team he shouldn't be drafted.

Here's the link to his article:

Dallas often likes to cut the edges very carefully, drafting players who fall short physically in someway late.

Now, this is about the evaluation of Day 2 picks... rounds 4-7. For this post lets discuss 2011.

4 13 110 David Arkin Guard Missouri State

5 12 143 Josh Thomas Cornerback Buffalo

6 11 176 Dwayne Harris Wide Receiver East Carolina

7 17 220 Shaun Chapas Fullback Georgia

7 49 252 Bill Nagy Center Wisconsin

David Arkin was to slow, believe it or not. Required 40 to be draftable is 5.3 seconds and Arkin got 5.31. On top of that, Arkin was not strong enough, lifting 25 times when the minimum was 26. His vertical jump was 29 when it needed to be 30. He had no change of speed with a 20 yard shuttle of 4.63 when he needed a 4.55.. it goes on

You see how by the Standards of BirdDog26, David Arkin fails a little bit in every category but not totally in anyone category? Thats why we thought "he's almost complete what is it that lets him down" well in fact he is physically inadequate in every measurable but only fails very slightly. Makes for a pointless career. Based on my eliminating players for failing the bare minimums to be draftable, Arkin is actually the biggest failure in this group of players. He fails almost every category.

Shaun Chapas... well it's tough to find documented templates on Full Backs. Let's address this position by pointing out the best FB to play in Dallas in 25 years was Daryl Johnson, a 2nd round RB pick. Good FBs not only lead block, but they run fast enough to stay ahead of the running back. Chapas ran a 4.8... Did we really need to draft him? Should of been a UDFA. I can only say anecdotally I don't know why Dallas drafted this guy and left guys on the board who exhibited far more pop and punishing hits on the LB. Since he plays FB though and I can't document it,

Lets move on too:

Bill Nagy too small - 6'2.5+ Bill Nagy really did look like a good prospect in all the other measurables, like Josh Thomas below does; but Nagy is infact too short. He would of scored a 5 in BirdDog26's chart. On top of that, his strength as measured by the 225 bench press was exactly adequate, not more than needed.

Josh Thomas - 5'10 - 1 inch too small by the charts BirdDog26 shared. As a CB to get as core of 6 (from 1-9, with 6 being the minimum of draftable) - Josh Thomas has a 5 on height.As for speed his 4.46 is barely good enough at 7. If Thomas is indeed 5'10 then by the standards of at least one other NFL club he was undraftable. He's a backup for the Panthers now, but doesn't play much.

Dwayne Harris- I don't have any ready templates for WR but I will say, obviously his template worked. He's not a threat to lead the NFL in touchdowns, that is reserved for 6'3 215lbs guys like Dez, Calvin, etc. But he's a great asset to have on the roster, a special teams ace and a clutch 4th WR.

Ok that's 2011, players we did pick. Next time I'll contrast that with players who met the template requirements at the same position who were drafted later.

I still promise to put this together into a nice, cohesive video, but that's after i gather all my data.

Signing off,

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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