I need happy news!

OK, after some of the news and discussions of late, I need to smile. While many of you piss me off on a regular basis, and I's time to share some laughs. Because we all cheer for the same team and want wins!

Not all news is bad, there are many great things about this team. Even though several players have disappointed due to injury, they are still decent guys and they want to be on the field. The following shows a little of that human side.

I produce events and am a musician for my day/night gigs. And while looking for a comedic act we stumbled across a team that did a little Q&A with Tony and Miles. I'm sure many of you have seen this, I had not. I assume a few here have not either. So I wanted to share during this painful off season. Cue video...

And I wanted to share part of why I really want JG to succeed. About 10 minutes after Rabble blew me off at training camp, lol ( not his fault, I tried to say hello as another dude was so he did not hear me and I did not try again) But Rabble, my Son asked why you ignored me...just sayin :)

Anyways, we stayed late, as did the TE's and Bill C. to work on blocking techniques. Well, they worked on blocking techniques, we watched and talked about where we were going for dinner!

All the other players where in the locker room, but Witten and the other TE's stayed to work on blocking. JG was watching and as they finished, he came over to congratulate them for working overtime.

There were only 20 or so of us fans still watching at this point. The TE's went into the locker room and JG started to go too. But we all were cheering and he turned around. He walked 20 yards right over and signed autographs and chatted with us.

I asked him if Jerry really micromanaged and he said, this area is not secure, I can't talk now. I kid.

Anyway, aside from all the reasons we all want a SB win, and aside from the fact I believe in what JG is trying to build. THIS is one reason I want JG to succeed! He did not just sign, he said, bring it in guys, lets get a picture for Mom and Dad.

JG is what's good in sports, imo. Not sure if this picture will upload, but it's supposed to be one of my kids with JG. If it does not, can someone school me in the ways of how to upload pics?


I hope this fan post finds you all well.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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