A look ahead: Here's to the crazy ones

New year, new thoughts. New gripes, and not so new gripes. New memes, and not so new memes.

I've been mulling a bit over this new pot of stew that's simmering on the coaching staff. It kind of reminds me of the first time someone tries my version of Kaldereta (Filipino beef stew, for those who are unfamiliar) and they say, "Uhhh dude? Green olives in beef stew?"

Yeah, pretty much. Once the second bowl is consumed, it's more like, "Man, I never thought that made sense, but the olives actually make the stew."

Here's to the crazy ones.

I'm sure you see where this is going by now, but I'm going to meander there anyway. Through the course of all of the Cowboys staff change talk (which after day two I dropped most of my participation in), a lot of people far and wide have been saying, "This makes no sense, the water is muddy, I don't understand. Can this even work?"

As much as I like to try my hand at being prophetic, I can't (and I don't know anyone who can) predict the future with certainty. I do listen to intuition, though, and it hit me this morning.

Garrett talked about this very topic to open the season last year. "People who were crazy enough to think differently...People who were bold enough to believe it."

This qualifies. Some people here are already paying attention to the fact that while unconventional, this might not be a bad situation, and that the blurring of the lines is really smoke and mirrors. Too many cooks? I doubt the number of people in game-planning meetings increases, but I bet the overall game-planning experience level goes up significantly.

An effective General might consider surrounding himself with LG's or MG's who are every bit as capable and experienced (or even more), though they hold a marginally lower rank. Why would you not? Jealously guarding your plans and responsibilities may lead to swift decisions, but it also helps you miss the occasional knockout punch, both for and against you.

If nothing else, Garret has assembled a coaching staff with arguably as much high-level coaching experience as ever existed in football. He is shifting responsibilities, but aligning philosophies. He is bringing fresh perspective, but keeping the fundamental pieces in place. He has said exactly as much.

Each one of his Lieutenants has close to as much (if not more) head-coaching or coordinating experience as he does. Each one knows what it takes to run a team. This is a very, very capable group of men. Why should they suddenly all go haywire?

Time will certainly tell if this was a good decision or a not so good decision. If anyone believes in and speaks positive thinking, it's The Rooster, and I'm willing to bite for another year.

Long term plans often lose people's interest and support, because everyone feels that results right this moment are all that's important. For the longevity of our race, it's good that there are people who raise their eyes to look further down the road, because it matters little if you avoid a pot hole in front of you, only to walk directly off a cliff.

If nothing, Garrett's process is about long term growth and stability. He's even got Jerry bought in. Jerry will always caper and dance and appear to throw a wrench into the works, but I think that's mostly Jerry just being himself: A Showman.

Everyone is bought in. Long term plans take time to build, and time to come to fruition, but they are often the best thought out, and most well laid out plans.

Here's to the crazy ones, the ones who dare to think differently, and stay bold enough to believe in it.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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