Nine Reasons Norv Turner Would Rock Dallas

Rumors have it that Norv could soon be back in Dallas, if he doesn’t chose Baltimore instead. Here are nine very good reasons for Norv to come to Dallas and serve as OC.

1) Garrett runs the same scheme (Coryelle), but not nearly as well as Turner does. Norv can come in and immediately get better results just by being better at game planning and play calling.

2) Dallas is loaded with established offensive talent. Romo, Witten, Bryant and Murray form a great veteran base.

3) Dallas has a great kick returner in Dwayne Harris. That kind of talent translates to shorter fields for offenses.

4) The Cowboys have several young, up and coming players that have yet to be fully utilized. Cole Beasley was barely used in the last half of the season, Dwayne Harris rarely gets snaps, Lance Dunbar’s injury kept him from a break out season, Terrance Williams will break out next year, Gavin Escobar is a big target with great hands who will contribute much more in 2014.

5) Garrett has never understood the importance of keeping running backs involved in the passing game as well as the running game, but Turner has done this masterfully over the years. In Dallas, Turner will get to work with two electric, talented receivers that happen to be running backs: Murray and Dunbar.

Just as Sean Payton does with the Saints, Turner makes sure that backs catch plenty of passes in order to pull the secondary in every conceivable direction. Side to side, front to back, you name it. Then he kills them by striking deep over the top to his WR’s. When you look at the receiving stats for backs in Payton’s and Turner’s schemes, they look remarkably similar. Backs catch about 1000 yards worth of passes a year, sometimes more. It’s not about having a dink and dunk offense, it’s about setting up defenses to be attacked vertically. Something Turner does as well as anyone.

6) Turner already knows the Jones family and Garrett, so getting acclimated will take little time.

7) Dallas already has their offensive line mostly figured out, meaning his system wouldn't be hampered by poor blocking up front.

8) Turner has always believed in ball control. His Chargers team finished 1st in time of possession. in 2010 and 3rd in 2011. This would help spare a weak defense. Something Garrett/Callahan couldn't accomplish, which cost them the playoffs.

9) Turners Chargers finished in the top five in scoring for five straight years. With the weapons and the O-line at his disposal in Dallas, he would kill it in the big D.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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